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How to Wash Throw Blankets? TRD’s Guide 101

by Deepak Maurya

Keeping those beautiful throw blankets clean and warm is important, and you must know the right ways to do it. In this blog, we will guide you through the process of understanding how to wash throw blankets for the finest results. Whether you want to snuggle up on the couch and watch a movie or place it on the bed or sofa, proper care for the beautiful blankets is the only way to ensure that they keep you warm for the longest time. Keep reading on to know how to wash a throw blanket, the right ways to dry it, and also a few other regular maintenance tips.

Washing your throw blankets

Your throw blankets are the best friends that keep you warm during the chilly days, but it is your responsibility to keep them bright and fresh. Check this step-by-step guide to know to wash throw blankets:

Gently Treat for Stains First

Even before you start washing the throw blankets, note that removing every stain individually is important. So, the spot-cleaning method is the right option in this case, and for that make sure you only use a neutral stain remover or a gentle detergent only. If the stain is too stubborn, then you can go with a water-vinegar solution, and dab it gently on each stain. Throughout the process, don’t scrub the blanket as it will damage the texture of the same.

Drying in a Dryer / Air drying

Once the blanket is washed in normal cold water, it is time to dry it well. You have two choices in this case- air drying or using a dryer to squeeze out all the excess moisture.

If you have a synthetic blanket, place it in a low-heat dryer. To retain fluffiness, use dryer balls or add a couple of dry towels to speed up the process. Make sure not to use high heat as it can cause damage and shrinkage to the soft blankets. Don’t leave the blanket in the dryer for a longer time to avoid creases.

For wool and other delicate fabrics, air drying is the best alternative. Lay the blanket flat on a clean, dry towel. You should not hang wool blankets for air drying as it may cause stretching. For even drying, and no fading, turn the blanket frequently so that only one side of it is not exposed to excessive sunlight.

Useful tips for you:

  •   A fabric softener is a good option to use for more fluffiness post washing
  •   Check label for all instructions and precautions
  •   Only use a mild detergent to ensure that the fabric is not damaged
  •   It is important to be aware of how often to wash throw blankets

Tips to Keep in Mind to Protect your Throw Blanket

Your throw blanket is precious, and with a little care, you can keep it in excellent condition. Here are some helpful tips for protecting your throw blanket:

Avoid rough surfaces: To avoid tears and pilling, avoid using your throw blanket on rough surfaces. Even when you want to wrap the blanket around, make sure it does not get stuck to anything sharp or ends up on a rough surface.

Brush all dirt and pet hair: If your throw blanket has pet hair, use a lint roller or a soft-bristled brush to gently remove it. Regular cleaning and maintenance keep your blanket looking fresh and pet-friendly.

Don’t eat on it: It's advisable to avoid eating while using your throw blanket to avoid spills and stains. To reduce the chance of soiling, eat your snacks and meals in a separate space.

Frequent rotation: If you have numerous throw blankets, rotate their sides to avoid excessive use and to extend the life of the blankets.

Read care instructions: Follow the manufacturer's care instructions at all times. These rules are particular to the fabric and ensure that your throw blanket receives the care it requires without sacrificing its quality.

Store well: When not in use, throw blankets should be stored in a cool, dry place. To avoid moisture buildup, use breathable storage bags or containers. This can avoid any unpleasant odors or mold.

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Care for woolen throw blankets

Woolen throw blankets are opulent and require specific care to maintain their distinctive qualities. Here are some tips for caring for your woolen throw blankets:

Brush wool fibers gently: Wool fibers might benefit from occasional brushing to retain fluffiness and to keep all dust and dirt away. Stroke gently in the direction of the wool fibers using a soft-bristled brush.

Immediate cleaning: Spills should be cleaned up immediately. Spot clean spills with a mild detergent as soon as possible. To avoid fiber damage, blot the affected area with a clean, wet cloth and avoid rubbing.

Keep it out in the air frequently: Although wool has natural antibacterial characteristics, it is still a good idea to air out your woolen throw blanket on a regular basis. To freshen it, choose a dry day and hang it outside for a few hours.

Professional cleaning: Consider professional dry cleaning for extensive cleaning, especially if the blanket is badly dirty. This ensures a thorough washing while protecting the delicate wool fibers.

By following these throw blanket care tips regularly, you can continue to enjoy the warmth and coziness of your throw blankets for years to come.

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Can you put a throw blanket in the washing machine?

Yes, we have several blankets that are machine-washable. Remember to check the care label for specific instructions regarding water temperature, detergent type, and any other special considerations to ensure the longevity of your blanket.

How often do you wash throw blankets?

How often you should wash throw blankets depends on how much you use the same. For the regular use ones, a good option is to wash them every few weeks. However, if they are more decorative and less frequently used, washing them a few times a year may be sufficient.

How do you wash a woven throw blanket?

To wash a throw blanket, it's generally recommended to hand wash in cold water using a mild detergent. After washing, reshape the blanket and lay it flat to air dry to maintain its texture and appearance.

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