Leather Rugs

 Leather is a versatile material, be it for apparel or for home decor. At The Rug Decor, you will find an excellent range of leather rugs featuring unique patterns and colors. These rugs are wise investments due to their incredible quality, resistance, low-maintenace requirement, and more. 

Whether you want to redecorate your bedroom, living room, dining area, or any other space, the perks of having stylish leather rugs are unmatchable. In fact, the perfect woven leather rug can independently make a space cozier, more comfortable, attractive, and vibrant.
At The Rug Decor, you will find rugs that can completely be a game-changer for your existing home décor without even bothering the current setting. All you must do is a little research to be able to make the right choice and not regret later.

What are leather rugs?

Despite being quite an unusual material for rug-making, leather rugs are now one of the most demanded globally. These rugs are mostly made from leather strips, continuous skin, or an artificial fabric created by combining cotton and leather. The best part about leather shag rugs is their beautiful soft, yet lumpy texture.

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By color

Your initial action should be to inspect your space. Is there already a lot of color and pattern? In that case, you might want to stay with a simpler color such as a black leather rug. You can also opt for a leather rug that has only one color, preferably something neutral. It would be great if you considered the color of the walls, flooring, as well as the furniture and accessories.

By design

A leather rug of superior quality is a wise long-term investment. For instance, because they are often premium, vintage designs are a charming accent that are always in trend.

By size

Generally, all the furniture should be placed on the carpet, but if that is not possible, placing the front legs of all of the furniture on the rug is an excellent substitute. While you are sitting, you want your feet to be on the carpet, but when you take the chairs out from under a dining table, you want them to be on the rug. Therefore, it is important to choose the size accordingly.

Tips to care for your leather rugs

· It is best to get your leather rugs cleaned by a professional at least once every year
· Vacuum cleaning is the best way to keep woven rugs, especially the leather ones in good condition. Remember to use only the brush attachment
· Spot cleaning is the best way using mild soaps or chemical cleaners with neutral pH levels
· Do not scrub with a brush; instead use a cotton cloth or sponge
· Use scissors to trim the loose ends and gently brush to clean the debris
· Try to use eco-friendly products for the cleaning and maintenance. Additionally, it is best to ensure that there is no overuse of foam and other similar products


How to clean braided leather rug?

The spot-cleaning technique is the best way to clean a braided leather rug. In this process, you will have to mix water and a mild soap or rug cleaner with neutral pH levels and soak a sponge or rag in it. After scrubbing the stained spot gently, wash the soap away with cold water and let the area dry well.