Flatwoven Rugs

There's a strong chance that you've already seen the numerous alternatives available, including flatwoven rugs if you're looking for a new rug for your house. Due to their light weight and ease of maintenance, flatweave rugs are among the most popular options available. In addition, because of the method used to weave them, flatweave rugs are also frequently reversible, allowing you to rotate them to keep them looking their best. 

Which design ought to I pick for my flat weave rug?

Flatwoven rugs are well known for their unique colors and patterns. They give a wonderfully smooth surface and enhance the aesthetic of your space because they are woven rather than hand-knotted. Go for larger patterns in warm colors to make a space look brighter. On the other hand, smaller patterns in lighter hues can make a room look bigger.

How can I make my room's woven rug the focal point of the space

Choose the correct rug size

The improper rug size can ruin your efforts to use rugs to make your home look beautiful. To determine the size of their area rug, some people measure their living room. By taking measurements of your furniture, you can make a comfortable and well-defined space suitable for your furniture and living room.

Layer it well

Flatwoven rugs can be the focal point of a space by being layered. Underneath the smaller rug, place a larger, simple design or a solid-colored, such as black rugs. Place your coffee table in the middle so it can continue to serve as the focal point of your house.

Choose the right style

It is essential to understand the placement of flatwoven rugs to use them as a centerpiece. Go for vintage designs and fine materials that will enhance the aesthetic value of a space.

Varieties of flat weave rugs available at The Rug Decor

Flatweave area rugs

Flatweave area rugs from The Rug Decor can keep your feet warm and cozy due to their excellent insulating capacity.

Flatweave wool rugs

Our flatweave wool rugs have a texture that helps them recover rapidly from crushing or indenting by furniture or footsteps. As a result, the rug maintains its newness and freshness for extended periods because of its natural resilience.

Black and white flatweave rug

Black and white is a classic combination and is usually suitable for all spaces. You can also find some excellent black and white flatwoven rugs options in The Rug Decor collection.


What is a flatwoven rug?

A flatwoven rug is crafted on a loom, unlike being knotted. Therefore, these do not have tufted piles.

Is a flatweave rug good?

Flatwoven rugs are good because the fabric tips aren't easily damaged due to foot traffic.

Are flatweave rugs durable?

Flatweave rugs are durable, especially if you take good care of the rug.

What is a flatweave rug made of?

Although many other materials may be used to make flatweave rugs, they are typically constructed of fibers like cotton, linen, wool, or silk.

Do flatweave rugs lay flat?

It is possible to lay them flat using a proper rug pad.