Sisal Rugs

Modern homes like yours needs advanced decor solutions too. For example, you can find the best way to bring affordability, eco-friendliness, and style together. Finding the answer is now easy with the stunning range of sustainable sisal rugs from The Rug Decor. They are made from natural fibers and are durable too.
Over the years, the environmental awareness has risen considerably, and customers want sustainable and eco-friendly products for home décor too. Since rugs can be pivotal for your home décor, buying stylish sisal rugs from The Rug Decor is a good idea.
Sisal area rugs are made from agave plant fibers that are highly durable. Moreover, these rugs offer an elegant and sophisticated look that goes perfectly with the existing setting of your home. These rugs are allergen-free and therefore do not pollute the air in any way. Additionally, the neutral colors of a sisal area rug create a very delicate and airy vibe to a space.

Rug sizes and style options for sisal rugs

Before even deciding whether you want a round sisal rug or a rectangular one, a neutral color or a warm tone, you must find the right size of it to fit your home. Here is some information that may help you making

8x10 sisal rug

8x10 rugs are the perfect size for spacious living rooms where there is a center setting with a sofa, chairs, and a small coffee table. You can place a sisal rug 8x10 in such a setting to enhance the look of the space.

9x12 sisal rugs

If you are planning to give your dining space a more cohesive look, go for sisal rugs 9x12, especially if you have a big space. Just make sure to include a few inches of extra area on all sides of the rug too.

sisal outdoor rugs

While people often ignore the fact, but the rugs you place outdoors matters a lot. If you are planning to purchase outdoor sisal rugs, it is best to go with vibrant colors and better textures that can bear a higher foot traffic rate comparatively.

Sisal area rug

A sisal area rug from The Rug Decor will offer you style, comfort, functionality, and more all at one place. You can explore the silk or wool sisal rug collection for a more opulent look and a warmer feeling.

Why choose The Rug Decor for buying sisal rugs?

Buying top-quality sisal rugs for your home means that you aim to achieve the most premium and classy look. That is why you need to get your hands on the most exclusive collection that only The Rug Decor will offer. We not only assure you quality, but also the finest looking and the most durable products too.


How to clean sisal rugs?

Use a plain cloth or sponge, soak it in a mixture of mild detergent/ carpet cleaner and lukewarm water and gently scrub the stained area. Make sure to dry the wet area on the rug immediately after stain removal.

Can sisal rugs be used outdoors?

Yes, you can use sisal rugs outdoors considering they are soft, strong, and easy to clean as well.

What different styles and patterns available within sisal rugs?

There are various styles of sisal rugs and you will surely find a bunch of favorite ones too. Check out the collection at The Rug Decor to learn more.