Dining Room Rugs

dining room rug size guide

The primary question that most homeowners come up with is whether dining room rugs are necessary. The answer is a big YES! When you place a suitable rug in your dining space, it will automatically add vibrance and cohesiveness.

Apart from that, dining room area rugs offer soundproofing and also restrict chairs from sliding. Lastly, rugs will keep the floors warm and comfortable during the chilly winters.

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Rugs for dining room have always been considered classic items for home decoration. It is the best way to add drama and character to a simple dining area. Since it is the place where a family bonds together over food, it is essential to incorporate colors and patterns that exude positivity and happy energy. At The Rug Decor, we offer various dining room area rugs in various colors, patterns, sizes, and materials.

Choose the perfect dining room rug for your home


Traditional rugs for dining room can add the perfect charm and antique aesthetic. For example, you select a beautiful traditional silk rug that will offer a very premium and luxurious look to your dining room.


Choose a beautiful round dining room rug from our Heriz collection to transform the overall look of your dining room. These rugs are incredibly durable and robust and are created using top-quality yarns. Moreover, Heriz rugs are usually big and suitable for spacious living rooms and dining areas.


Most modern homes need décor items to justify their true style and reflect your personality. In that case, you can select quirky patterns, vibrant colors, and more sustainable materials in modern rugs

Tips for choosing the right dining room rug size

1. Consider the size of your dining table and the overall space before purchasing rugs for dining room.
2. It is best to choose a rug approximately four feet wider and longer than the dining table.
3. Choose the shape of the rug that matches that of your dining table.


What size rug for dining room?

The standard sizes for dining room rugs are 9x12’ and 8’x10’.

How big should dining room rug be?

It is best to see that the rug of the dining table is approximately four feet extra, both length and width-wise.

What size rug for the dining room table with 6 chairs?

A 6-seater dining table is usually 5'x3', so the right rug size will be either an 8'10' or a 6'x9’ one.

Should you put a rug under your dining room table?

Apart from the fact that placing a rug under the dining table elevates the overall look of the space, it also makes the floor warm and comfortable.