3x5 Rugs

Aesthetics are of prime importance when decorating a home. Along with the finest furnishing, adding 3X5 rugs from the finest collection of The Rug Decor can elevate and add warmth to your home.

3x5 rugs design collection at The Rug Decor


Traditional is a timeless design category that draws inspiration from the 18th and 19th centuries. Adding a statement piece that reflects a traditional vibe can say a lot about your taste. On the other hand, choosing a handwoven piece with a legacy dating back centuries adds depth to your personality.


Contrasts, strong color choices and geometric or free-form components are characteristics of contemporary designs. Choose a modern rug from our selection to complement this interior design theme. The Rug Decor collection features a variety of 3x5 rugs exhibiting abstract patterns and strong motifs that blend with modern furniture that is sleek and elegant. The vibrant prints can amplify the appearance of a look and provide comfort to heavy furniture. In addition, these rugs are easy to maintain and clean.


Due to popular choice and preference, we tend to include floral motifs in different décor pieces. If you want to add the beauty and charm of floral prints, you can also consider printed 3x5 rugs. These have ample variety, from antique Turkish hand-knotted woolen rugs to subtle silver viscose silk floral prints.


Originally, Heriz rugs hail from a region named Heris, located in Azerbaijan, Iran. Known to last for decades, these rugs have bold geometric patterns that instantly draw attention as someone enters the room. In addition, these rugs have a coarse texture due to the usage of antique wool that enhances longevity and retains quality.

Persian rugs

If you are looking for 3x5 rugs with complex patterns that make an onlooker gaze at the marvelous design you chose, add a Persian rug to your living room. These designs carry a legacy that reflects through each piece of rug and is delicately handwoven by skilled artisans.

Placement of rugs

You must consider the placement of your rug when selecting 3x5 area rugs for a particular space. You also have to think about the furniture arrangement in each space. Please understand that there is no right or wrong method to place a rug in a space. Choices differ from one to another just as interiors do.


How to flatten a rug?

The best way to flatten a rug is by spreading it on a concrete or hardwood floor and leaving it to rest for 48 hours. This helps to remove all the creases on it by letting the fibers settle down.

How big is a 3X5 rug?

3 feet by 5 feet (90cmX150cm) rug designs are small. These are a perfect addition to rooms filled with furnishing, entrances, in front of a bed, etc.

How to choose a rug size?

A solid guideline for selecting the appropriate rug pad size is to leave 1" of rug overhang on the rug pad's four corners. Therefore, the perfect rug size will be the one 2” narrower and shorter than the rug.

How big is a 3x5 rug in inches?

3x5 area rugs can be calculated as approximately 39x58 inches.