Green Area Rugs

Home is our comfort zone, and so it needs to have colors that help you to relax both physically and psychologically. To ensure you have it all in your home, you must include different shades of green in your décor. Whichever shade you choose, green rugs can enhance your residence's overall harmony and balance.

Why choose a green area rug?

Green is a beautiful color that works well during any season when adding the perfect brightness to your home. You can choose green rugs in various shades, from darker ones to lighter hues. While you can place these beautiful colored rugs anywhere, these are more suitable for smaller homes. The lighter shades of green highlight natural light and make a space look bigger. On the other hand, when appropriately placed, the darker shades of green rugs can add glamour to a room almost instantly.

Best placement for green rugs

Green bathroom rugs

All the natural colors look good with green tones, which is the most calming color to the human eye. Therefore, green bathroom rugs make sense, especially if your bathroom has white walls.

green outdoor rugs

If you are thinking of purchasing green runner rugs, it is a great idea! Adding a splash of color right at the doorway will exude refreshing energy that will also travel inside the home.

Green bedroom rugs

Green is a very calm and soothing color that can add just the right amount of brightness. If you are considering placing bedroom rugs, the green ones from The Rug Decor collection can look excellent.

How to choose the perfect rug to go green?

Choosing the perfect green rugs will be easy if you understand your home well. Compared to lighter tones, darker hues of green blend well with furniture, drapes, and other decorative elements. Green can contrast beautifully when combined with a light wall, furniture, or another light-colored decor. If you're redesigning your area entirely, a green rug might be the starting point for countless design ideas. Besides, if you can place a green carpet in the right place, it can independently elevate the overall look of the space immediately.


What are the styles of green rugs available?

When you shop at The Rug Decor, there are several options for green rugs. All you have to do is keep in mind the style and size of your home and choose the rug that will fit in the box perfectly.

Most popular shades of green rugs?

Green is a versatile color, so its shades are trendy when it comes to home décor. You may go for aqua, lemon, mint, turquoise, and other tints based on your requirement.