Power Loomed Rug

A machine that is electronically powered and whose pattern is controlled by a computer or a punch card system to make a repetitive pattern produces machine-made rugs, also known as power loomed rugs.

Power loomed rugs are created using a combination of traditional designs and natural fibers like silk, jute, and cotton to spin carpets modernly.Power loomed rugs are the go-to option for functional and fashionable area rugs among savvy home interior designers. The latest collection of The Rug Decor offers a variety of power loomed rugs that offer both class and sustainability.

Explore our latest collection of power loomed rugs

Modern-day rugs

Contemporary rugs at The Rug Decor personify modernity and are ideal for chic and current homeowners. These rugs are often composed of synthetic materials, while some designs can use wool or cotton. Most modern carpets have striking geometric designs that go well with other design motifs.

Geographical rugs

Abstract patterns composed of straight lines and curves can be found on geometric rugs. These rugs are ideal for any interior because they come in various colors and patterns. Modern and vintage rooms can also benefit from geometric rugs.

Oriental rugs

Oriental rugs at The Rug Decor are perfect for people who value the finer things because of their vivid colors and detailed designs. These carpets are available in a wide variety of patterns, and vivid colors, which makes them ideal for living areas with lots of natural light.

Give your home the quirk and style of power loomed rugs

At The Rug Decor, you will get enough options to choose from a list of top-quality power loomed rugs. All you have to do is choose the ones that match the style and décor of your home in the best ways. Furthermore, to add to the style of your home, you should go for the right colors and patterns too. For example, you can go for nude and neutral shades to add more dimension to your room, find cheerful patterns for your living room, and more.

Tips for cleaning a power loomed rug

· For short-term cleaning, vacuuming is the best way
· For rugs with fringes, it is best to wash them under cold water


What is a power loomed polyester rug?

These are machine-made rugs that are manufactured using a synthetic fiber called polyester.

Are power loom rugs soft?

Yes, the power loomed rugs created using the latest technology are soft and low-maintenance.

Are power loom rugs durable?

Yes, power loomed rugs are durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic, which is common in busy households.

What is a power loomed rug?

A power loomed rug is created on an electronically-run weaving machine. The patterns and colors are all controlled by computers and punched in a way that keeps repeating the same process continuously.