Area Rugs For Living Room

No dilemmas about the importance of living room rugs in any home exist. Be it for the appearance of the space or to give it a comfortable and cozy character, placing living room area rugs is a wise option. At The Rug Decor, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the perfect piece for your living room.

Why do you need a rug in your living room?

The perfect living room rugs give your home an overall aesthetic upgrade. These can serve as perfect centerpieces that will attract the attention of guests. Besides, incorporating stunning designs and bright colors often exudes the positive energy needed for every living room.

Choose the perfect living room area rugs

By shape

Whether you want to place round living room rugs, square ones, or beautiful rectangular ones primarily depends on your living room's size and current décor.

By size

One of the primary factors that should influence your choice of rugs is their size. For example, you can place large rugs if there is enough space to give them a cozier look. However, large living room rugs will not suit a smaller room.

By color

If you are going for white, grey, or black rugs, combine them with some vibrant furniture and accents. Unlike a black living room rug, brighter colors surround white or ivory walls. You are the best person to choose the best after all!

By material

Yet another essential factor, to decide which is the best material, it is first crucial for you to check the average footfall of your living room.

Placement of rugs in your living room

Placing large living room rugs perfectly can be tricky, but understanding the nature of the space can be helpful. Decide whether you want the rug to cover most of the living room or just parts of it before finalizing the size.


What size rug for the living room?

While large living room rugs are best for spacious rooms, it is the opposite if the living room is smaller.

How to place a rug in the living room?

You can place the rug right below the center table or accommodate the sofa's front legs too. Besides that, you can also use a carpet as a wall hanging in your living room.

How to choose a rug for the living room?

The perfect choice of living room rugs depends on a few crucial factors. This includes the size of the room, the style of furniture, the color of the walls, personal style, and more.

How do you layer rugs in the living room?

The best way to layer living room rugs is to place a smaller one on top of a larger one. Besides, you can layer warmer colors on top of neutral or pastel shades.