How to clean a wool rug to improve longevity and shine

Despite their distinct beauty, wool rugs can be difficult to keep clean. Because of the color, spills and grime are more visible and more difficult to entirely clean. You run the danger of ruining your rug by using harsh cleaning agents. In this post, let’s discuss simple ways to learn how to clean a wool rug?

Cleaning of wool rugs

If you've spilled something on wool rugs, take the following actions:

  •   Blot any liquid with a white cloth or a piece of plain kitchen paper without a pattern to prevent prints and colors from transferring to your rug and staining its whiteness.
  •   Pick up anything solid at once.
  •   Rub tough stains with a clean sponge and warm, soapy water. After that, dab any remaining water with a clean towel that you don't mind getting dirty.

Consider using hydrogen peroxide if you want to know how to clean a white wool rug particularly when there is a tough stain. This substance, also referred to as rubbing alcohol, works wonders on coffee and red wine stains. Use a clean, white rag to blot the stain until it vanishes after dabbing the solution on it. To get rid of any remaining solution, sponge clean water onto the area you've treated and let it air dry.

Vacuuming wool rug

To know how to clean a wool rug easily, pick a vacuum with a beater bar that you can adjust to the thickness of the rug and gentle bristles. If you have pets, a vacuum for pet hair of this kind will help get rid of the hair that might get woven into the fibers of the rug.

For cleaning wool rugs, a vacuum with adjustable suction settings is best. The beater bar must not be used on any fringes. Use the upholstery attachment to clean these. When vacuuming a wool rug, move in both directions to collect all the dust and debris and to restore the pile.

Wool rugs are incredibly resilient, but they are still constructed of fibers that can be harmed by heavy wear. Wool rugs can endure modest vacuuming, which you might do on occasion nonetheless to remove dirt and dust. It's a good idea to try one of the aforementioned methods to remove a stain, and then to finish by vacuuming.

In order to avoid any fringe that might be present on each side of your rug, be sure to vacuum in various directions. Additionally, it will remove any residue that a wet cloth or bristle brush would not be able to remove. Just be careful not to use your vacuum's highest setting because the wool fibers can become damaged as a result.

Spots and stains cleaning

Applying water to the discoloration is the first and most obvious procedure. Gently wipe the stain with a clean rag dampened in warm water, making sure to wet the entire affected area. To prevent the stain from spreading to other areas of your rug, start working from the edge of the stain toward the center.

Try vinegar if you believe your stain might need more than just a little water to get removed. Most materials, including wool, respond relatively well to this standard household cleaner. Because vinegar eliminates the smell of urine, it works especially well to remove pet stains. Additionally, vinegar may be used to remove minor food stains. You can also use alcohol for the same purpose.

Apart from these, if you want to know how to clean a wool rug with baking soda, simply sprinkle baking soda sparingly over the afflicted area to clean a wool rug. Vacuum after letting it sit for up to an hour. To effectively remove the stain, repeat the process as needed.

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Deep cleaning

The easiest way to manage stains that penetrate the rug's pile deeply is by specialists, although you can still attempt some stain removal on your own. Always gently blot liquid spills with an absorbent material like a paper towel, taking care not to spread the liquid or push it further into the rug. For spills involving solids, use a spoon or spatula to remove any stain-causing material off the top of the rug. Mud is an exception; once it has dried, it will actually be simpler to remove.

For cleaning wool rugs, firstly, prepare two buckets of water. Add a tiny amount of a wool-safe detergent to one bucket. Avoid using bleach or ordinary laundry detergent because they could cause colors to bleed. Working in small pieces, sponge the detergent mixture over the rug and scrub it gently starting from one end. Avoid over-wetting the rug because wool may soak up a lot of water and you don't want to penetrate the fibers with soap and dampness.

Use a sponge dipped in clean water to promptly rinse each part after cleaning it. Again, use a moderate amount of water, and make sure both sponges are clean to prevent re-spreading dirt into the rug. After rinsing as much soap from the area as you can, pat it dry with a towel. Repeat this procedure for every area of the rug.

Wool stains can be treated with specific products, but never put them directly on the rug. Instead, place them on a piece of cloth or a sponge and dab the stain with it. To ensure that any cleaners don't harm the carpeting, you might wish to try them first on a discrete area.

Drying and maintenance of wool rugs

It's crucial to completely dry the rug to prevent moisture from becoming absorbed into the wool strands. To hasten this procedure, hang the rug outside or lay it close to a powerful fan, but even then, be aware that it may take many hours. Give the rug pad enough time to completely dry if you washed it before reinstalling it. Use this chance to clean the area of the floor that the rug would typically cover.

High traffic locations require regular upkeep. Learning simple ways about maintaining wool rugs can do the trick for you. Find below a list of ideas for reference:

  •   Carefully choose your carpet cleaning supplies.
  •   Clean your carpet before it seems dirty, and regularly vacuum up soil to eliminate it.
  •   Limit food and drink to places without carpeting if possible.
  •   Replacing air filters in heating and cooling systems on a regular basis
  •   Use a washable entry mat and keep it clean periodically to preserve its full capacity as a dust and grime trap.
  •   Use walk-off mats at all doorways and take off your outdoor shoes to prevent soil from being dragged onto the carpet. To allow for a uniform distribution of traffic, you can also move furniture from time to time.
  •   window coverings that reduce sunlight exposure can stop fading

How to clean a wool carpet: Dos and don’ts


  •   Accidental spills and muddy footprints happen, but the best thing you can do to keep your wool rug safe is to treat it right away. The instructions for particular stains should be followed to get rid of many additional issues.
  •   Always use a mild stain remover, a soft cleanser, or just lukewarm water and dishwashing solutions.
  •   When it comes to mud, let it sit on the rug until it has dried. Dry mud stains can be more easily removed by vacuuming away the crumbled portions and using a tool with a dull edge.
  •   Never pour any stain remover straight onto wool carpets; always dab the stain. Test the cleanser by applying a small amount to a white cloth to see if it causes the colors to bleed or vanish. Additionally, it helps prevent the wool fibers from retaining too much soapy residue.
  •   Never rub a brand-new stain. Remove any solids right away with a blunt object like a spoon or spatula, and blot out any liquids using a lot of paper towels. Rubbing merely serves to embed the stain more deeply.
  •   Never use oxygen, ammonia, or chlorine bleach on a wool rug. These substances have the potential to harm wool and cause color bleeding or disappearance.
  •   Sprinkle some baking soda lightly over the problem area to clean a wool rug. Vacuum after letting it sit for up to an hour. Repeat as necessary to remove the stain.


  •   Avoid over-wetting a wool rug. Wool rugs that receive too much moisture may develop mold. To eliminate any excess liquid after cleaning a wool rug with liquid, dab it dry.
  •   Avoid using abrasive stain removers. To keep their pH consistent, alkaline detergents and laundry soaps contain additional buffers, which can cause color leaking in wool carpets. Avoid both these and regular shampoo-based rug cleaners.
  •   Have a wool rug steam cleaned, but make sure not to overdo it
  •   When wool is wet, the strands are weaker and more readily harmed by vigorous rubbing. Instead, dab softly. Dab lightly at all times.

Tips to keep your wool rug clean longer

  •   Choose a "dry bath" of dry carpet shampoo designed for wool rugs to refresh your wool carpet in between professional cleanings.
  •   Cleaning a wool rug after dealing with cat or dog pee involves using vinegar to mask the smell. Use a cup of water and a few tablespoons of distilled white vinegar to dampen the affected region. Use a towel to gently blot it dry, then repeat as necessary to get rid of the smell.
  •   Establish a "no shoes indoors" rule to extend the intervals between cleanings.

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  •   Every year, steam clean your wool rug to get rid of contaminants that are embedded deep inside the carpet. So, if the question is, can I steam clean a wool rug? Yes, but, regular steaming should be avoided since heat might harm the fibers of wool.
  •   Rotate the rug every season to avoid uneven fading from sunshine and excessive wear patterns. This will extend the rug's lifespan and ensure an overall uniform patina.
  •   The best option for cleaning wool carpeting from wall to wall is to hire a professional carpet cleaner.


Can you dry clean a wool rug?

It is not a wise idea to dry clean wool rugs because of two reasons. Firstly, zero water usage exposes the fibers to more damage. Secondly, the chemicals used for a dry-cleaning procedure are harsh and not ideal for maintaining the shine of premium rugs.

Can you shampoo a wool rug?

Yes, shampooing a wool rug is a good idea for cleaning it. However, it is important to ensure that only top-quality cleaning product is being used. Other than rug shampoo, you can also use gentle detergent and other neutral liquid cleaners for the process.

Are wool rugs hard to clean?

Wool rugs are quite easy to clean if you know the right ways to do it. While vacuuming, and spot cleaning are idea ways, chucking it in the washing machine or dry-cleaning are not the right ways.

Can you machine-clean a wool rug?

No, machine washing delicate and premium products like silk and wool rugs are not a good idea. The strong suction that rugs undergo while washing rugs in washing machine can easily damage the fibers leaving them loose and dull.

How to remove stains from a wool rug?

The best way of removing stains from wool rug is by instant spot cleaning. You can use a water and vinegar solution, warm water mix, or even alcohol to clean any soiling. Make sure to use a soft blotting cloth to gently rub the specific area for best results.

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