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Throw Blanket Size Guide | Throw Size Chart for Each Type

by Deepak Maurya

The size of blanket you choose will determine the warmth and softness you offer. It means that when you choose a smaller blanket, it is difficult to wrap it around, and an oversized one may stick out of the couch and get soiled easily. Apart from learning about what size is a throw blanket, you can also get your hands on some of the most stylish ones as well.

Starting from warm and cozy movie nights to simply upgrading the aesthetic of your home, choosing the right throw blanket size is crucial. Now, there are various factors that determine the right size of a throw blanket for a particular space. In this guide, let’s talk about what size is a throw blanket, how to choose the right one based on functionality, type, and more.

Shedding Light on Throw Blankets

This is a guide to help you find answers to what is the size of a throw blanket, how you can choose the right one. These are simple blankets that happen to offer the ultimate comfort level, turning your home into a relaxing haven. As mentioned earlier, a throw blanket is not just a piece of upholstery, but an accent that can add style to your home.

A throw blanket’s functionality is multifold which also includes creating a color scheme and better texture to an otherwise plain room. Whether you decide to lay it over the couch or simply on the bed, it will give the space more diversity. You can also get a colorful throw blanket, and keep it in your reading corner for an extra pop of color.

Throw Blanket Size Chart

It is now time to look at what size is a throw blanket, and also discuss the standard sizes of the same. While the average throw blanket size depends on different factors, here is a chart to give you a basic understanding of what you should choose.

Check out this table to know about the standard throw blanket size:

Blanket size

Standard dimensions (inches)

Small throw blanket

30x40 or 36x50

Medium throw blanket

50x60 or 60x80

Large throw blanket

80x90 or 90x100

Oversized throw blanket



When it comes to the functionality, you can use the small throw blankets for your chairs and sofas along with baby cots and nurseries. These serve as the best lap blankets, and are also the perfect ones to keep your pets warm.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a blanket for your bed or something that can keep you warm during movie nights, the medium dimensions from the throw blanket size chart above is what you need.

Again, the larger ones are meant for outdoor uses, for example during a picnic or on the beach. The best ones are the oversized blankets that you can use when the whole family wants to watch a movie together in the living room or when you have friends over. Note that the above chart shows throw blanket sizes in inches.

Throw Blanket Sizes Based on Type

Size matters in the warm world of throw blankets! Understanding throw blanket sizes based on type guarantees that you may snuggle up in style and comfort. The Rug Decor has created a size chart to help you understand the proportions of these versatile blankets. For example, the normal throw blanket size is 50x60 inches, providing adequate coverage for a lone movie night or an afternoon nap.

Consider a larger throw, such as the 60x80-inch throw, for draping over a queen-sized bed or sharing with a loved one for a touch of luxury. If you're looking for a statement piece, our full size throw blankets of 70 x 90 inches are ideal. 

Standard throw blanket sizes

Versatility is essential when it comes to a standard throw blanket size. These blankets, which typically measure 50 x 60 inches, strike the perfect blend between utility and style. Standard throw blankets are the best for adding comfort to any room. Because of their compact size, they are ideal for individual usage, offering just the proper amount of warmth for a chilly evening spent reading or watching TV.

Baby sizes

Baby-sized throw blankets are a comforting touch for the smallest members of the family. These blankets, which measure 30 x 40 inches or less, are designed to provide moderate warmth and comfort to your child. These blankets are developed with the utmost care to keep the little ones comfortable and secure in cribs, and strollers.

Lapghans and Afghans

Lapghans and afghans are the most popular larger throw blanket alternatives. Lapghans are normally 35 x 40 inches in size and are intended to cover the lap and legs comfortably. Meanwhile, Afghans, which are recognized for their elaborate designs and huge sizes, can measure 50 x 65 inches or more. 

How do I choose the right throw blanket size?

Choosing the perfect throw blanket size involves consideration of various factors to ensure both functionality and style in your living spaces.

Your height

Your height is an important factor to consider when choosing a normal throw blanket size. Choose a throw blanket that complements your height for personal use, especially when you want to snuggle up with a book or watch a movie. A regular throw, approximately 50 by 60 inches in size, is usually adequate for individual use, providing just the proper amount of coverage without overpowering your space.

Furniture size

It is essential to match the size of your throw blanket to the proportions of your furniture to achieve a balanced and visually appealing look overall. Oversized throws, such as those measuring 60 by 80 inches or more, are good for larger sofas or beds. This not only offers a layer of warmth, but it also improves the overall aesthetic appeal of your furniture arrangement.

Material and Care

When choosing throw blankets, keep the material and maintenance instructions in mind. Cotton or fleece are soft, easily washable materials that are suitable for everyday usage, guaranteeing both comfort and functionality. Explore more opulent materials like knitted wool or imitation fur for ornamental throws that give flair to your living room or bedroom. If you wish to wash your throw blankets the right way, head to our extensive guide.


A throw blanket's design can have a big impact on the overall look of your area. You must consider the existing color, pattern, and texture of your home first. Being able to understand what size is a throw blanket may connect several components in a space, producing a balanced and appealing atmosphere. Whether you prefer a solid color, a dramatic design, or a textured pattern, your throw blanket's design should reflect your personality and style.

Premium Throw Blankets at The Rug Decor

TRD's premium throw blanket collection is the best in industry when it comes to comfort and design. Check out our curated collection that combines rich materials, great design, and a variety of sizes. TRD's premium throw blankets are made for all preferences, whether you want comfort or sophistication. Top of Form


What is the size of a sofa throw?

Sofa throws usually measure around 50x60 inches, providing enough coverage for you to cozy up on the couch or adding a decorative touch to your seating area.

What is the size of a lap blanket?

Lap blankets are designed for individual comfort, often ranging in size from 35x50 inches to 40x60 inches. These smaller dimensions make them perfect for draping over your legs or shoulders.

What size throw do I need for a 2-seater sofa?

For a 2-seater sofa, a throw blanket measuring approximately 50x60 inches is a versatile choice. This size is perfect for  providing warmth and elevating the aesthetics of your space.

Are throws smaller than blankets?

Yes, throws are similar, but generally smaller than regular blankets. While blanket sizes can vary widely, throws are specifically designed to be smaller and are often chosen for their decorative appeal and individual comfort rather than full-bed coverage.

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