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How to Style a Throw Blanket on a Bed, Sofa and Chair?

by Deepak Maurya

Throw blankets are the ultimate solution for coziness and elegance, and here we are to talk about how to style a throw blanket on a chair, bed, or sofa. Whether you want to go for a more elegant, contemporary, and minimalist look or a bright combination of colors, throw blankets can be styled to achieve every look.

As you read further, there are several suggestions for styling a throw blanket to enhance the sophistication and comfort of your home. So, check out all the styling tips and suggestions to turn your living room into a more inviting space where the family can spend time together. Throw blankets contribute considerably to the style of a space too, which means that guests will appreciate your sense of style when they enter your home as well.

Styling a throw blanket on the bed

Fold it simply for an elegant look

Learn how to style a bed with a throw blanket by just placing one at the foot of the bed to create a simple and timeless look. This effortless style exudes warmth and sophistication, therefore creating a relaxing and easy atmosphere.

Layer it for an opulent look

Layer your mattress by placing throw blankets on it to create more depth and softness. It enhances the overall comfort level of the bedroom at once. This simple yet chic style not only improves visual attractiveness but also adds a layer of warmth for those chilly nights.

Casually keep it at the corner

Toss a throw blanket in a corner of your bed to create an appealing and relaxing atmosphere. This carefree way of styling a throw blanket gives an easy energy and invites you to come and relax in your bedroom after a busy day.

Drape diagonally for a drama effect

Add a dramatic aspect to your bed by draping your throw blanket diagonally across it. This adds a fun element while also defining a focal point, which is the bed that draws attention.

Add more texture for a unique look

To add visual interest, choose textured throw blankets. The tactile factor of a thick knit or a faux fur throw blanket not only looks fantastic but also offers warmth, comfort, and unmatchable softness.

Play with colors

Use contrasting throw blankets to make a dramatic statement. This style adds energy to your space and is a quick and inexpensive method to update the overall look of your bedroom.

Create Bohemian vibes within the bedroom

Create a bohemian vibe by throwing a patterned throw over the corner of your bed. This casual yet comforting style naturally adds character and warmth, resulting in a welcoming atmosphere.

Prim and proper folding

Create a tailored look by folding your throw blanket horizontally or vertically. This method has a professional appearance, transforming your bed into a curated zone for you to let your hair down.

Tie it together for a contemporary look

Cinch your throw blanket in the center of the bed with beautiful ties or belts. This adds a touch of sophistication, changing a plain blanket into a fashionable item.

Muted monochrome effect for calmness

Choose throw blankets in varied hues of the same color to create a soothing effect. This monochrome technique oozes serenity and transforms your bed into a calming haven.

Experiment with designs and patterns

Choose throw blankets with vibrant designs to provide a splash of flair. Patterns, whether stripes, chevrons, or florals, provide a vibrant touch to your bed, making it a visual delight.

Fold in a structural pattern

At each corner of your bed, place beautifully folded throw blankets. This structural form not only offers symmetry but also sophistication to your sleeping area.

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Styling a throw blanket on a sofa

Create a monochrome

If you are confused about how to style a throw blanket on sofa, creating a monochrome is a great idea. All you have to do is select blankets of similar shades and style them for a contemporary and calming look. Creating a monochrome will make the whole space look more serene and comforting too.

Hang a blanket on the sofa arms

Define a pretty corner by hanging a throw blanket over one of the sofa's arms. This basic yet effective style adds warmth to your seating area, providing a relaxing look.

Make a knotted look for more style

Enhance the look of your sofa by creating a loose knot in the center of your throw. This stylish and playful solution not only provides a decorative element, but it also holds your throw in place for a longer time.

Choose stripes for a unique style

Striped throw blankets make a dramatic statement when you are finding solutions of how to style a throw blanket on a couch. Lay them horizontally or vertically for a pattern pop that instantly improves the visual appeal of your living area.

Multiple layers for added comfort

Layer more than one throw blankets on your sofa to create a cozy look. This style not only looks rich, but it also provides the much-needed warmth when it gets chilly outside, transforming your sofa into the ultimate comfort zone.

Choose the perfect designs and patterns

Use patterned throw blankets to add personality to your living room. Patterns, whether geometric forms or bright florals, provide a bright touch to your sofa, making it a focal point.

Perfect draping for better visual appeal

Add visual interest to your sofa by draping your throw diagonally across the back. This excellent style not only appears attractive, but it also makes a visually appealing center point in your living area.

Simply roll it up

For a relaxed, informal vibe, roll up your throw blanket and lay it across the sofa's arm. This relaxed style provides a touch of comfort to your living room, inviting you to relax after a long day.

Choose the right colors for a harmonious look

For a harmonious look, choose throw blankets in complementary hues to your sofa. This design seamlessly incorporates your sofa into the overall color palette of your living space.

Bohemian and funky with fringes

For a touch of bohemian flair, choose throw blankets with whimsical fringes. Drape them over the back or armrests of your sofa for a warm and inviting look.

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Styling a throw blanket on a chair

Casual yet stylish draping

A throw blanket draped casually over the back of your chair creates an easy and comfy look. This relaxed look not only offers a layer of warmth but also turns your seating area into a more comfortable space.

Fold on one arm casually

Enhance the look of your chair by carefully folding a throw and draping it over one arm. This basic yet sophisticated design adds a bit of refinement to your seating, allowing you to relax in luxury.

Crossover of two blankets

If you are running out of ideas about how to style a throw blanket on a chair, simply add a decorative touch to your chair by crossing two throw blankets over the back. This fashionable crossing not only adds visual appeal but also ensures that warmth is within an arm's length away.

Tie knots for a more elegant look

For an attractive draped effect on your chair, tie a loose knot in the center of the throw. This sophisticated style not only looks great, but it also serves a practical purpose in keeping your throw in place.

Create a comfort corner

Fold and drape a throw over one side of your chair to create a cozy corner. This snug shape keeps comfort close at hand, giving your chair a stylish look and comfort too.

Add layers for a charming look

Create layers on the chair by using many throw blankets for a velvety, comforting appearance. This luxurious style not only offers visual appeal but also promises additional warmth.

Fringes for a more refined look

For a touch of boho refinement, choose throw blankets with colorful fringes. Drape them over your chair's arms or back to add flair and warmth to your seating arrangement.

Play with colors for more vibrance

Use a variety of throw blankets to create a popping effect on your chair. This vibrant style not only gives a dynamic touch to the space, but it also makes your chair a focal point in any room.

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