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What is a Throw Blanket? TRD’s 101 on Throw Blankets

Winter is already here, and creating a warm, cozy atmosphere at home is an important priority now. Throw blankets from the collection of The Rug Decor is the investment that requires your attention at the moment. If you are wondering what is a throw blanket, then here you go, because we will not just introduce throw blankets, but also guide you about its features, functionality, care, and styling tips too. Keep reading till the end to find out all that you need to know before investing in soft and plush throw blankets that will enhance the aesthetic as well as comfort level of your home, making it more snuggle-worthy than ever.

Features of Throw Blankets


Throw blankets are the ultimate option when your priority is a cozy home. Besides, these blankets come with a host of different features that go beyond offering warmth. For example, some throws check the boxes of comfort and fluffiness, the others may be easier to maintain. The material of the throw blanket you choose matters a lot as each variety offers a unique tactile experience. 


Size is yet another important feature when you are buying throw blankets. These are smaller than other regular blankets, which means you can use it for the foot of the bed or simply use it as a wrap when you are chilling on the couch. The same goes for the weight of throw blankets which is a lot lighter than its regular counterparts.

Design and Functionality

Throw blankets are available in a wide range of different colors and designs to the delight of both interior designers and homeowners. While on one hand, throw blankets offer effortless personality for any space, you cannot overlook the functionality aspect too. Some throw blankets have pockets, for example, transforming it into a multifunctional accessory.


Throw blankets are really easy to maintain, and are mostly machine washable too. So, simple cleaning at regular intervals will keep it shining and soft for a long time.

The utility of throw blankets

Incredibly Comfortable

Throw blankets offer comfort and warmth along with enhancing the aesthetics of a room. These versatile accessories, draped effortlessly over sofas, chairs, or the foot of a bed, serve as an open invitation for relaxation.

Ultimate Tactile Experience

The tactile experience of throw blankets is unmatchable. TRD’s throw blankets are available in various materials which means you get something perfect for your preference surely. 

The perfect weight and size

A throw blanket is the perfect blend of aesthetics and comfort. It is amazing how these blankets are just the right size and weight even if you want to carry them around. While they are not too big or small, the size does not impact the fact that the warmth they offer is absolutely fantastic.

Tips for Staying Warm During Colder Months:


Throw blankets are ideal layering companions. Layering various throw blankets provides customized warmth whether you're sitting on the couch or getting ready for bed. Combine textures and colors to create a warm cocoon that protects you from the elements.

Right placement

Throw blankets should be strategically placed in areas where you are likely to seek comfort. Drape one over the back of your favorite chair, fold one at the foot of your bed, or leave one on the sofa for quick access. This keeps warmth at your fingertips, ready to welcome you when you need it.

Try different materials

Experiment with different material compositions to match the temperature. Choose heavier blankets for cooler nights and lighter blankets for warmer evenings. Having a variety allows you to adjust to shifting weather conditions while maintaining your comfort.

Flair meets functionality

Choose throw blankets with extra components designed for both flair and functionality. Fringe, tassels, or even pockets not only provide visual interest but also serve a useful purpose. Pockets, for example, may easily keep your things, transforming your soft blanket into a personal retreat.

Sizes of Throw Blankets

Throw blankets are often smaller than conventional blankets and range in size from 50x60 inches to 50x70 inches. Because of their small size, they may easily adorn sofas, chairs, or beds without taking up too much space. Throw blankets' smaller proportions also make them ideal for on-the-go warmth, whether you're curled up reading a book or watching a movie. To know more about sizes of throw blankets, head to our blog.

Different materials of Throw Blankets

Cashmere and Fleece

Throw blankets are appealing not only for their warmth, but also for the rich tapestry of materials that keep us wrapped in comfort. When you explore different fabrics and construction materials, you can get a better understanding of why soft silks, cashmere, and similar throws are more preferable. They offer comfort and warmth like no other material. 

Cotton and Wool

Cotton throw blankets, which are lightweight and breathable, are ideal for all seasons, providing warmth without overheating. Wool, a traditional material, provides natural insulation, keeping you warm even in the coldest temperatures. Acrylic blankets have the suppleness of wool but are generally less expensive.

Natural fibers

Consider throw blankets made from eco-friendly materials such as bamboo or recycled fibers for individuals looking for sustainable solutions. These materials not only provide a guilt-free indulgence in comfort, but they also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendy lifestyle.

Styling throw blankets on beds and couches

The best part about throw blankets is more than just their warmth; it's a harmonic balance of comfort and aesthetics that transform your beds and couches into welcoming havens. Consider the simple fold at the foot of a bed to create a layered effect that adds a touch of refinement. To add flair to your bedroom, choose contrasting textures and hues. Drape a throw diagonally over the bed to create an elegant asymmetry that emanates beauty.

Throw blankets strategically placed on couches, or the center of living areas, make them even more appealing. The casual toss, in which a folded blanket is slung carelessly over the arm or back of the sofa, provides a relaxed charm.

You can experiment with different folds, such as the casual throw or the precision-fold, to get the look that suits your room. Stying throw blankets aesthetically, is an art to hone.

Care tips for throw blankets

Read all labels: Start by caring for your throw blankets by reading the directions on the labels. Different materials demand different treatments, and understanding these rules ensures you give your throw blankets the best care possible.

Mild detergent: Most throw blankets are machine-washable, but using a moderate cycle helps them retain their shape. To keep colors and textures vibrant, wash throw blankets with gentle detergents. Always hand wash delicate textiles such as cashmere to avoid damage.

Avoid using fabric softeners: Fabric softeners, while appealing, might leave residues that reduce the softness of your throw blankets. For a warm and plush feel, use moderate detergents with no added softeners.

Air drying: Instead of using a tumble dryer, opt for air drying to avoid shrinking or harming delicate textiles. To keep the shape and texture of the throw, lay it flat.

Store properly: Throw blankets should be stored in a cool, dry area when not in use to avoid moisture and unwanted odors. Avoid hanging them because this can cause stretching.

Invest in TRD’s Premium Throw Blankets

TRD's premium throw blankets, handcrafted with utmost care and attention to detail and quality, will elevate your comfort experience. Our selection features a variety of materials, ranging from rich cashmere to comfortable fleece, to ensure a pleasant touch that complements your style.

TRD's premium throw blankets are a tribute to great craftsmanship. Each piece is meticulously weaved, ensuring not just warmth but also long-lasting durability. Our throw blankets are more than just functional; they are design statements. TRD offers a broad range of rugs from basic solids to current designs that allows you to express your style while not compromising on the luxury aspect.

Note that TRD's eco-friendly options help you embrace sustainable living. Our environmental dedication is also reflected in blankets made from bamboo or recycled fibers, which provide a guilt-free yet luxurious experience.

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