8x10 Rugs

When you choose the perfect rug for your home, it can change the atmosphere of the entire space. At The Rug Decor, we want to simplify the process further so that you have the perfect 8x10 rug for your home. Check out some of the best-selling area rugs in the most incredible colors and textures offered at premium quality.

Best selling 8x10 rug from The Rug Decor

Black rug 8x10

A black 8x10 rug can conceal many stains and is always in vogue. Black carpeting can add life and interest to a space if it is light with lots of windows or has neutral décor, thanks to the difference in color. Black carpeting might be the focal point in a room with lots of light.

Gray rug 8x10

As a "neutral color," gray is favored by house decorators because of its adaptability and capacity to blend in with various interior design aesthetics. This is why so many people select gray rugs as their primary choice: it is a dependable and secure color that goes well with virtually every other shade.

Ivory rug 8x10

The white carpet's mysterious charm will never be forgotten. It has a polished, gleaming aspect that will undoubtedly make for the ideal accent or primary hue to style your palace. Every home should incorporate an ivory-textured rug into its design principles. You may get a variety of ivory rugs online at The Rug Decor.

8x10 blue rug

Blue is a calming color and can foster emotions of calmness and clarity because of its associations with water and the sky. A blue 8x10 rug is a simple way to incorporate the color blue into your house. Blue rugs are adaptable and laid-back and go with any decor. At The Rug Decor, there is a stunning collection of blue vintage and contemporary design rugs.

How to shop for 8x10 rug designs


When searching for a rug, one of the most crucial factors to think about is the fabric. Natural or synthetic, artificial fibers can also be used to make rugs, and each category has several well-liked possibilities.


The sort of room, size, and form of the room you're putting the 8x10 rug in, as well as how you want it to fit with your furniture arrangement, all influence the size of the rug you choose and how you plan to lay it in your area.


There are some additional general rules you should think about when selecting a size for your rug addition to these. For example, you'll need to pay attention to the remaining space surrounding the rug.


How big is an 8x10 rug?

An 8x10 rug is the standard size suitable for all rooms. It is approximately 240x310 cm.

What size rug pad for an 8x10 rug?

If your rug is 8' x 10', the rug pad should be 7' 10" x 9' 10", two inches smaller overall in each dimension.

What size rug to layer over 8x10?

Look at possibilities like 4x6 or 5x7 if you want to layer a rug over an 8x10 rug.

Should a rug be darker or lighter than the floor?

To make a space look bigger or for dark-color furniture, it is best to choose lighter color rugs, and vice versa.