Jute Rug

Jute is an excellent option if you are looking for rugs that will offer a natural look to your home. This eco-friendly material is also incredibly durable and will last you for years with good maintenance. Suitable for both traditional and modern settings, you can check out the collection of jute rugs from The Rug Decor. 

There are several ways in which you can transform the look of a space, and placing rugs at the right places is one of them. While choosing the perfect color or texture can take some time, a jute rug can save you so much time and effort. Jute area rugs offer a subtle, attractive, and premium look to any space.

What are the benefits of a jute rug?

A jute rug is a great choice if you are looking for something versatile, and functional which is also durable and resilient. For example, if you place a round jute rug in your living room, it will look very stylish and match well with the wooden furniture.

Factors to consider when purchasing a jute rug

Size and shape

The primary aspect to ensure that your home décor looks perfect is to know the standard rug sizes for jute rugs. Here are a few examples:

8x10 jute rug

If you have a standard living room with a center table, it is best to place the 8x10 jute rug below the same. It will serve the purpose of a statement piece in the room and easily become the showstopper there.

9x12 jute rug

For a 9x12 jute rug, you will need a bigger room and ensure that there is space on all sides of the rug for the ultimate look. For example, if you place a 9x12 rug in your dining space, it is important to ensure that it fits the chairs properly as well.

Outdoor rug

When you place an outdoor jute rug, it is the first thing any guest will notice before entering your home. Therefore, you can go for black rugs that are stylish and will not show much when it gets difficult.

Runner rug

A jute runner rug will look perfect in your living room because it will offer a nice and earthy color tone to it. Especially, if the furniture is brown, the monochrome will look excellent.


Being a natural fiber, jute area rugs are highly durable and will last you for quite a few years with proper care and maintenance.

Color and design

A jute rug generally comes in its natural hues including brown, yellow, and more along with natural designs in which the fibers are in an intertwined pattern. Therefore, a jute rug will go perfectly with any type of home décor.


Can I use a jute rug outdoors?

Yes, you can use jute area rugs outdoor as they have incredible texture, and can also bear high foot traffic.

What is the difference between a jute rug and a sisal rug?

While both are plant fibers, jute usually comes from woody plants that are common in India. On the other hand, Sisal is the product of the Mexican agave plant.

Can I dye my jute rug a different color?

Yes, you can dye a jute rug using either the padding or the exhaustion method.

How can I prevent my jute rug from shedding?

Maintenance is the key. Try to vacuum the jute rug daily and keep an eye of loose fibers that can lead to shedding.