Moroccan Rugs

While looking for the best-looking rugs in the premium and natural fiber category, you will surely come across Moroccan rugs. The rustic and comparatively simplistic design will undoubtedly stand out and attract your attention. Moreover, it is a great idea to buy these rugs considering that they are made out of 100% natural fibers and generally don’t undergo the usage of artificial colors.

Explore different types of Moroccan rugs


There are quite a few essential things to learn when choosing a Moroccan area rug based on its construction. For example, it is best to buy silk rugs because of the high durability and soft texture. Woolen Moroccan rugs are also good options considering the insulation and style they offer. Apart from these, you can choose other natural fibers such as jute and shack based on the durability, texture, and look they offer.


Choosing the right rug size is essential, but it can be a tricky task at times. In that case, you must know a few tips to be able to make the right decision. For example, if you are looking for a rug for the living space, it is best to check out the 9x12 rugs collection. A Moroccan rug 9x12 may also be perfect for a big dining space or bedroom. However, if you are looking for a Moroccan outdoor rug, make sure it is not too big. The same goes for a Moroccan runner rug that you may place on the entryway, in front of the bathroom, or the kitchen.


If you are confused about the color of Moroccan rugs to buy for your home, the best way is to think about the color of the walls and the furniture present in a space. For example, if you have neutral color walls, you can go for a blue Moroccan rug, which is a very soothing color. You can also go for blue rugs with white, beige, yellow, or ivory detailing too. A black and white Moroccan rug is also a great option if you like an undertone look.


How to clean Moroccan rugs?

It is best to clean Moroccan rugs with plain cold water and a neutral, low pH cleaning liquid and air dry it only.

Are Moroccan rugs good quality?

Yes, Moroccan rugs are of good quality as they are made of natural fibers and do not contain any artificial colors or synthetic materials.

What is special about Moroccan rugs?

The best part about Moroccan rugs is their traditional designs that offer a simple, calming, and positive look to your home.

How do I identify a Moroccan rug?

You can identify a Moroccan rug by its typical designs, and the fact that they mostly have tassels sticking out on only one side.