How To Choose Bedroom Rug Size?

The morning might be difficult while walking on chilly bedroom flooring. Installing an area rug in front of your bed that is big enough to cushion your feet as you step out of it will make it much simpler for you to drag yourself out of bed on those mornings when you have to wake up at an ungodly hour. Even if your whole room is carpeted, you may still benefit from adding a comfortable area rug beneath your bed to reduce noise and enhance the look of your room with a variety of colors, patterns, and textures. Consider the following suggestions when shopping for a bedroom rug to ensure that it will be an appropriate fit for the size of your bed.

In a bedroom, the bed is often positioned such that it is centered on one wall. The area rug should be positioned so that it is centered below the bed. Visual tranquility is achieved by balance and symmetry. It is less vital to have enough floor space surrounding your rug than to have an adequate quantity of rug around your bed so that you may land on it comfortably.

rug in bedroom

What Size Rug For A King-Size Bed?

rug size for king size bed


Bedroom Rug

 The rug in this image is 8x10 feet under king size bed

The appropriate size of an area rug for King beds may vary depending on the dimensions of the space in which it will be placed as well as the style that you like to achieve. A huge rug, such as one that is 9x12 feet or 8x10 feet, would be an excellent choice for a bedroom that has a king-size bed. The rug would cover practically all of the space beneath the bed as well as the nightstands, and there would be at least two feet of plush carpet underfoot around the bed.

What Size Rug For A Queen bed?


rug size for queen size bed

In a bedroom that has a queen-size bed, a rug in either the 8' x 10' or the 6' x 9' size will work well. The 8' x 10' rug would provide extra covering below the nightstands, and it would leave 3 feet of rug on each side of the bed and around 3 feet at the foot of the bed to add a bench seat. The 6' x 9' rug would provide a border of 18 inches on either side of the bed andabout 12 inches at the foot of the bed.

What Size Rug For A Twin Size Bed?

rug size for twin bed

Bedroom Rug

The rug in this image is 3x5 size under a twin bed

The ideal solution for a room with two twin beds is to put a little rug in the space between the beds. A rug measuring either 3' x 5',4'x6', or 5' x 7' would work. A runner rug measuring 2.5 x 6 feet or 2.5 x 10 feet running down the center or the sides of two twin beds would also look fantastic.

What Rug Size For A Full-Size Bed?

rug size for full size bed

What Rug Size For A Small Bedroom?

10'x12' is the smallest bedroom size that is practical because anything smaller would make it difficult to fit a single bed in there. To that end, either a 3'x5' or a 4'x6' rug is the standard size for such rooms. Also one can adorn a small room with a circular rug of 6'x6' size, it is best to choose bigger pieces of furniture that have a low profile and position them so that they just barely touch the edge of the rug. Because of this, the curvature of the rug can be seen.

round rug in bedroom

The maximum area rug size you may use in a small bedroom measuring 10'x12' is 6x9. You should equip it under the bed and just leave a 12" space between the top of the rug and the bedside table to make it appear larger. Runners are a great way to finish the layout of your small bedroom. Two runners can be positioned on either side of the bed, and a third one can be positioned horizontally at the base of the bed. Another ideal size for a tiny bedroom is a 4x6 area rug. Make sure the positioning is as centrally located as you can. This will enrich the vibe of your bedroom as a whole.

How To Position An Area Rug In A Bedroom?

After a busy day at the office, you get to relax in the comfort of your bedroom. The location of the rug, when combined with the appropriate rug size guidance, has the potential to make the space seem more inviting and comfortable.

Layout Options

  • The dimensions of your bed and the amount of available floor space will determine where in the room you want to put the carpet and how big it should be. When it comes to the size of the rug in your bedroom, you have three different layout options to choose from: placing all of the legs on the rug, placing two-thirds of the bed on the rug, or placing simply the runners on the side.

Position Of The Bed And The Side Tables

  • The size of the area rug that will be used in this configuration will be the biggest possible option. To accommodate this, you will need to position the bed and any side tables or a bench at the foot of the bed on the rug. Keep in mind that you do not want your rug to terminate exactly at the edge of the bed; rather, you want it to reach up to 18”–24” on each side.

 Cost Effective Choice

  • The alternative arrangement choice is more cost-effective since it requires a smaller rug than the first one did. This will only contain the bed frame for your bed; no additional related furnishings will be included. The recommended sizes for a rug are 8x10 for queen beds and 9x12 for king beds. This allows for an uneven but balanced appearance.

Round Rug To Defeat Architectural Obstacles 

  • The size and positioning of your furniture, architectural obstacles such as columns, or even the space required for door clearance might make it impossible to utilize a typical rug size in some situations. A circular rug might be the hero that saves the day in this situation. Its curved design may take up less space than a rug with a rectilinear shape, which will enable some of these room issues to go undetected.

jute round rug in bedroom

Trending Round Jute Rug For Bedroom 

  • A breathtaking circular area carpet is woven with passion and attention to detail! The fact that the material is from the rattan family lends it the appearance of being completely natural and extremely earthy; nonetheless, the gorgeous Round Jute Rug is the primary factor that contributes to this bedroom's amazing appearance.

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