Overdyed Rugs

When you buy the correct type of rug, it adds to the aesthetic value of your home and offers warmth and comfort. However, selecting the perfect rug for your sweet home may get confusing, and we are here to help you understand why you need overdyed rugs for your modern home.
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Overdyed rugs

There are homes with old-world charm, classic wooden furniture, and more. That’s where a traditional rug can be the best option to uplift the beauty of the space. However, a contemporary home needs more unique solutions like overdyed rugs. To know more about overdyed rugs, check out the collection at The Rug Decor!

These rugs are in high demand now because they offer glamor and a contemporary aesthetic in one place. For example, overdyed Persian rugs at The Rug Decor achieve the final look after they are professionally washed to remove all the wool particles. Manufacturers do so to ensure that only the weft and warp are left, along with faded designs. This is what gives the rug its exclusive vintage appeal.

Why choose an overdyed rug?

There is a large category of customers that prefers vintage rugs over other varieties. That is why overdyed Persian rugs from The Rug Decor receive such love and attention.

Installing an overdyed rug in a room immediately fits in and highlights the rug's texture and worn fibers. Besides, these rugs are an excellent way to repurpose beautiful antique ornate rugs to match a more futuristic setting.

Tips to select the right colors, designs, and pattern for an overdyed rug

Whether looking for geometric rugs, abstract prints, florals, or more vintage designs, you will find it all in the overdyed collection. They are perfect for all types of décor and can be styled to upgrade them. For example, if you want to add colors to a space, get an overdyed rug in a vibrant color. However, if you need to tone down the brightness slightly, get a carpet with a washed-out hue.

Blue overdyed rug

Blue overdyed rugs are some of the most demanded ones from the collection. It is the perfect color that adds to the elegance of a room without looking too loud. You can also get a blue rug for your home in various shades.

Pink overdyed rug

Not the most common category, but pink overdyed rugs can look incredibly regal. The delicate touch of pink looks best when you have ivory or other neutral color walls and furniture.


What is an overdyed rug?

A rug that uses multiple colors to create a pattern or design and has a washed-out appearance falls under the overdyed rugs category.

How are overdyed rugs made?

The process of creating overdyed rugs is elaborate. Usually, an antique rug is washed thoroughly. Then it undergoes bleaching, color saturation, and dying to achieve the final shimmering yet worn-out look.