Dhurrie Rugs

Explore Dhurrie Rugs from our vast selection. Dhurrie rugs are stunning works of art of Indian origin. They are lightweight and durable carpets that are simple to fold and carry. Additionally, dhurrie rugs are often used for meditation and yoga practice. The carpet is easily vacuumed and maybe machine-washed if the material allows.
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What are Dhurrie rugs?

Dhurrie rugs are incredible versatile and classic floor carpets that are handwoven by skilled artisans over several generations. With an Indian origin, these rugs are popularly known for their vibrant designs and flatweave structure. Made out of wool or cotton primarily, the top quality Dhurrie rugs are durable, lightweight, and the perfect choices for all your carpet needs, both outdoor and indoor. Another signature factor about these rugs is their reversible pattern which is a result of the unique weaving style.

Benefits of having Dhurrie rugs

While there are several benefits of purchasing Dhurrie rugs, here are some of the primary ones:


Dhurrie rugs are available in various sizes, patterns, and colors which makes them completely versatile, and perfect for all interior styles. Whether the existing décor is eclectic, traditional, Bohemian, or contemporary, an 8x10 Dhurrie rug will suit it all!


Dhurrie rugs are handwoven rugs with top-quality and sturdy materials which makes them highly durable. These rugs can withstand heavy foot traffic and still not lose its form. Therefore, these are wise investments that will last you for generations.

Easy maintenance

The flatweave structure of a Dhurrie rug makes vacuuming and spot-cleaning very easy. Moreover, flipping and rotating the rugs regularly will ensure that they stay cleaner, and hold its shape for a long time.

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Where to buy Dhurrie rugs?

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What is a Dhurrie rug?

A Dhurrie rug is a handwoven floor covering originating from India. It is known for its flat-woven rug structure and vibrant designs.

Are Dhurrie rugs soft?

Dhurrie rugs are typically made from cotton or wool, which gives them a firm texture. While they may not be as plush as some other types of rugs, they offer a comfortable and smooth surface underfoot.