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UP To 30% Off on Entire Store! USE Code "FEB20" At Checkout.

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Vintage Rugs

There is something incredibly elegant about vintage aesthetics that most of us tend to fall in love with. It is the same when it comes for the vintage rugs from The Rug Decor. They seem to uplift the beauty of any space instantly irrespective of the existing objects or colors.

About Vintage Rugs

Simply, vintage area rugs are referred to those pieces that were made anytime from the beginning of the 1940s to the very end of 1970s. These rugs are in high demand till now because of their beauty, top-quality material, sustainability, the fact that they are all handmade, and more. No matter where you place vintage rugs, they are going to uplift the beauty of that space almost instantly.

Explore different vintage rugs available at The Rug Decor

vintage Persian rugs

Vintage Persian rugs are known for their premium looks and high durability. They are no less than works of art, and your home truly deserves one of these. The Rug Decor has one of the finest collections of luxurious-looking Persian rugs in various sizes and fabrics.

red vintage rugs

Red is the color of power and opulence, and what is better than symbolizing these characteristics than adorning your living room with red rugs. Apart from that red vintage rugs can glam up a space with its warmth and glow easily.

green vintage rugs

Green rugs symbolize sustainability, and the beautiful green vintage rugs from our wide collection justifies the adjective truly. Give your home a fresh makeover with a vintage green rug from The Rug Decor.

blue vintage rugs

Give your home the ultimate opulent look with blue vintage rugs from The Rug Decor. Blue rugs are the most common choice when it comes to elegant Persian rugs because it exudes passion and calmness.

Decorating with vintage rugs

There is no thumb rule when it comes to decorating your home with vintage area rugs. They are quintessential home décor solutions that can elevate the charm of your abode wherever you choose to place them. Just make sure to buy the perfect size for an overall balanced look.


Where to buy vintage rugs?

To buy the best vintage rugs online, you can check the collection on The Rug Decor website. With endless options in designs, sizes, colors, and textures, it is the one-stop shop for all your rug wishes.

How to clean a vintage rug?

For regular maintenance, vacuuming is the best option. You can also soak the rug in a solution of lukewarm water and mild liquid cleaner, squeeze excess water, and dry it under the sun.

How can you tell if a rug is vintage?

You can tell from the design as well as the hand-weaving that it is a vintage rug.

Are vintage rugs long-lasting?

Yes, vintage rugs are highly durable, and can endure foot traffic without getting damaged.