5x8 Rugs

Any space may become cozier and more stylish with a 5x8 rug from the stunning collection at The Rug Decor. However, with so many choices, selecting a piece that complements your home and style can take some time. Adding a 5x8 rug will cover quite a bit of space so go through the types available.

Types of 5x8 rugs available at The Rug Décor


Choosing the suitable fabric for your home is the first step in your search for an area rug. Both tactical and practical considerations should be made. For example, a 5x8 wool rug may feel fantastic under your toes and also perfect for keeping your feet warm. If you stay in colder areas, this might be ideal for you.


You can use a 5x8 rug with light colors if you want a modern decorating style and your flooring is dark. You have more choices to choose the rug color when the flooring is light in color. Area rugs of various colors will complement the color scheme in a large and bright room, making the room appear larger in any case.


Understanding the rug size that will suit the space you are focusing on is essential. For example, a 5x8 rug is ideal if you want to decorate a smaller space. However, if you want to space the same rug in a bigger room, the best way is to place it under a prominent furniture piece so that the sides of the same are outside the rug's perimeter.

Shapes and Patterns

Choosing the correct shapes and patterns from The Rug Decor collection is essential. For example, go for geometric patterns if you choose an entryway rug. On the other hand, a traditional Persian or Heriz design 5x8 wool rug is ideal for the living room.

Where can we use a 5x8 rug?

The coffee table or similarly smaller furniture is usually placed on top of a 5x8 rug, while the rest of the bigger furniture is positioned elsewhere. On the other hand, it's very simple to choose the right rug size for the dining room. It is because the chair legs should rest pleasantly on it even when pulled out to make room for guests to sit, so you will generally need a bigger rug to elevate the space's aesthetics perfectly.


How big is a 5x8 rug?

A 5x8 rug is perfect for placing at the center of your living room but is small for the dining room or the bedroom. The size is approximately 150x240 cm.

How many inches is a 5x8 rug?

A 5x8 rug is equal to 60x96 inches.

Is a 5x8 rug too small?

A living room, bedroom, or family room is not the perfect space for a rug that is 5x8 feet. It would be suitable for a small bed, a small living room, or under a small dining table.

How to clean a 5x8 rug?

Even those with a rubber, non-slip backing, a 5x8 rug made of cotton or synthetic fibers can be easily cleaned in the washing machine.