Bedroom Rugs

Refurbishing your bedroom is no longer a difficult job because bedroom area rugs can make it easier for you. Whether you want to improve the overall look of your beautiful bedroom or simply to have something to keep your feet warm, a master bedroom rug can take care of all your concerns.

How to style your bedroom with bedroom rugs?

There are several ways to decorate your room with the most stylish bedroom area rugs from The Rug Decor. It is surprising how a simple rug can complete the look of a space with its color and texture. However, you must purchase the right size and shape to achieve the perfect look. For example, small bedroom rugs are more suitable if the room is already less spacious, and vice versa.

What is the perfect bedroom rug size?

Small bedroom rugs

Small bedroom rugs are perfect for not-so-spacious bedrooms where there is lesser room for experimenting. Apart from choosing the right size, it is also better to place lighter colored rugs in smaller bedrooms.

Large bedroom rugs

If your bedroom is spacious, and you want to give it a fuller look, place a large master bedroom rug in warm colors. For example, you can go for rectangular rugs with big floral patterns in blue, yellow, orange, and more.

8x10 bedroom rugs

8x10 rugs are the most standard size that perfectly suits a medium to big bedroom. To elevate the look, you can place bedroom runner rugs of the same or contrasting colors on either side of the main rug. This can create a very contemporary and unique look for your bedroom.

How to place bedroom area rugs?

While there are several ways in which you can place bedroom area rugs, the best is to place it below the legs of the bed or in front of it. For example, you can use a master bedroom rug and place 3/4th of it under the bed.


What is the right rug size for queen bed?

An 8x10 rug is the perfect size for a queen bed.

What is the right rug size for king bed?

You can choose a 8x10 or 10x14 rug size for a proper king bed.

How to position area rug in a bedroom?

The best way to position bedroom area rug is to place it under the bed in a way that it anchors the bed as well as the sides of any side accents.

How to place rug in bedroom?

You can choose any space to place a rug in the bedroom. This includes below the bed, in front of it or on both sides of it.

What is the perfect size for bedroom rug?

The minimum size of rug for a bedroom is 8x10. However, it can go up or down based on the size of the room and bed.