Hand Tufted Rug

When looking for a rug that will bring elegance, sophistication, and timeless beauty to your home, hand-tufted rugs are one of the best options. If your aim is to redecorate your home keeping in mind durability and easy maintenance, hand-tufted rugs can be an ideal choice.

How are hand tufted rugs better than machine-made rugs?


Evidently, hand tufted rugs require manual labor while the machine rugs manufacturing is mainly controlled by computers. As a result, more care goes into the making of hand tufted rugs, which also means they are more durable.


Hand tufted rugs carry a unique personality. Besides, the style, design, and patterns of two handmade rugs will never be the same. If uniqueness and personality are deciding factors for you too, check out the latest collection of hand tufted rugs at The Rug Decor.


Aside from the materials and supply chain, handcrafted carpets and rugs are a more environmentally friendly option because the handcrafted aspect implies higher quality. On the other hand, machine-made rugs can be produced more quickly and easily, but this ultimately results in greater material waste.

Choosing which hand tufted area rug is right for you

By size

Choosing the right size of carpets can be tricky. An easy trick is to ensure that at least the front of the sofa or two legs of every furniture can stay on top of the rug. On the other hand, a rug may be oversized if all the legs of a furniture is on it.

By material

The material of a rug is one of the primary deciding factors when you are going to buy one. It is better to buy rugs that are made of more durable materials, for example wool, and are also easy to maintain.

By design

The color and style of your rug can set the tone because it anchors the room. Light designs enlarge a tiny room while darker, richer designs help define a more intimate setting.

Why choose The Rug Decor to buy hand tufted rugs?

The Rug Decor's hand tufted rugs combine design and function to add a sense of coziness, texture, and luxury to your home. Beautiful patterns and premium materials give these carpets their longevity, comfort, and warmth. They give your home a warm and laid-back vibe.


How long do tufted rugs last?

Tufted rugs are one of the most durable rug types, and with proper care, the longevity can improve.

Can you vacuum hand tufted rugs?

It is not a good idea to vacuum tufted rugs aggressively as they may shed fibers.

How to clean hand tufted wool rug?

To remove a stain, dampen the affected area with warm water and a towel or sponge, blot up the excess liquid, and repeat.

Do hand tufted rugs shed?

The rug will shed a lot if the building materials or glue are weak enough. Heavy traffic can cause even a high-end hooked tufted rug to crack and shed.