Bedroom Rug Sizes: Choose the Right Bedroom Rug Sizes for King and Queen Beds

Nothing is worse than getting out of your warm, comfortable bed in the morning only to tread onto a floor that has almost frozen during the night. A warm rug under your bed will save your feet from becoming cold in the morning, help muffle noise, and add an extra layer of texture and color to the space.

That is why we are here to help you with a detailed bedroom rug size guide. Please read this post till the end because it will help you understand the tricks of finding the perfect rug without much effort.

rug in bedroom

Tips for Selecting Bedroom Area Rug Sizes

It might be challenging to decide what bedroom area rug size to buy and where to put it in your room because of the wide range of bedroom forms, sizes, and furniture arrangements. The bed should always be the focal point of your room, and any rug you place under the bed should reach 18 to 24 inches beyond its edges, regardless of the specific requirements you may have.

Regarding the first point, bedroom rugs must be explicitly placed to highlight the bed since it serves as the focal point. Place your rug next to or under the bed, ensuring it is the right size for the space.

Use smaller accent rugs to separate these areas if your bedroom is big enough to have a separate vanity or sitting area. Please note that the furniture in your bedroom may look out of place if you cover the entire surface area with a large rug.

Having an 18 to 24 inches buffer while choosing the bedroom area rug means you will no longer have to step on the cold floor, especially when the climate outside gets extreme. The rug should stretch past any benches you may have at the foot of the bed.

Common Rug Sizes for Bedroom

Rugs are excellent for adding warmth, personality, and aesthetic flair to a room, particularly a bedroom. They also shield your floors from scuffs and your feet from cold floors. It's crucial to consider the size of your bed and the room's overall square footage when selecting a rug for your bedroom to pick one that looks great in the available space.

Otherwise, you can discover that the rug appears inappropriate because it is too big for the space or dwarfed by the bed. So, what is the typical size of rug for bedroom? In reality, there isn't even a set size. Choosing a rug size that matches the size of your bed is all that is necessary. The most common bedroom rug sizes include some of the following:

5′ x 7′

8′ x 10′

9′ x 12′

Read till the end of this bedroom rug size guide to learn more about correct bedroom rug sizes based on the size of the bed or the room size.

Choosing The Bedroom Rug Size Is Crucial

A suitably sized rug serves as the focal point of any area, bringing warmth and even improving the appearance of the space. Your rug should comfortably accommodate all furniture, whether it has all four legs supported or simply the front two. Almost always, the shape of your rug should mirror that of the furniture it is placed upon.

Area rugs are essential for furnishing and achieving a unified look in the living room, but they are frequently chosen at random.  The most common error with area rugs is that they are too small for the space and furniture arrangement!  The entire mood and appearance of the room are influenced by the size of the rug.  

When the rug is too big or little for the space, it makes the space appear smaller than it actually is. The right-sized rug will add harmony, scale, and a finishing touch to the appearance of the space.

Rug Sizes and Placement for King and Queen Beds

Choosing the perfect rug size may seem tricky, but it is almost a cakewalk with the right guide. Here is a way of understanding the correct rug sizes for king and queen beds in your bedroom based on the room size and bed type.

Rug Size for King Bed

A few different selections are the best rug size for a king bed. The measurements of a king bed are 80 inches long by 76 inches wide. Therefore, you must select a larger rug.

Despite the fact that it is possible to go for a rug that is of the exact size of the bed, it is always better to choose one that is one or two sizes larger. A 9x12 foot rug, one of the most practical alternatives to a king-size bed, is among the most excellent choices.

Before purchasing, you should consider whether this size rug will fit in your bedroom. Consider the size and shape of your space; for example, a bedroom with an odd shape might not handle a rug of this size. A 9x12-foot rug is big enough to center your bed and one or two other pieces of furniture.

rug size for king size bed


Bedroom Rug

 The rug in this image is 8x10 feet under king size bed

For instance, a 9x12 rug may be placed on top of the bed, and a nightstand on either side of the bed. Leave a few feet of clear space between the end of the rug and the walls at the foot of the rug. By doing this, the rug won't overtake the room.

An 8 by 10-foot rug is a fantastic additional option for area rug size for a king bed. These are slightly smaller than the previous choice and may fit a smaller or more peculiarly shaped room better. Because of this size discrepancy, the 8x10 rug will cover less of a king-size bed's underside. This size rug works nicely horizontally in broader areas and vertically in longer rooms.

Rug Size for Queen Bed

80 inches long by 60 inches wide is the size of a queen bed. It is spacious enough for two people to sleep in it without taking up as much floor space as the larger king bed choice.

The ideal rug size for a queen bed cannot be determined individually, much like with king-size beds. Numerous different rug sizes will work, but some will complement this style of bed more effectively than others.

This will be a large rug; thus, choosing the perfect size is essential for proper placement. Make sure you have space at the foot of the bed and on the sides because it will be a larger rug. Since there is little difference in size between a king-size bed and a queen bed, you might use a 9 by 12 or 8 by 10-foot rug underneath one of the beds.


rug size for queen size bed

However, the size of the room itself still plays a role in this. Rugs of these sizes might not be your best option if your room is smaller, and this is why you opted for a queen-sized bed rather than a king-size bed.

They won't fit in the space; even if they do, they won't look quite right there. Correct proportions are crucial when decorating a bedroom. You should be able to center some furniture, like nightstands or an ottoman, on the rug if you use a 9x12 or 8x10 foot rug.

A 6x9 foot rug is one of the most extensive and finest selections for a queen-sized bed if your bedroom is average. On either side, you should still have a good foot or roughly fourteen inches underfoot.

Rug Size for Twin Bed

It requires a little more preparation and consideration of the layout of a twin-size bedroom that one of your children may occupy.

The rug size here depends on how the room is laid out. Does the room have more than one twin bed, or is there just one? Do you want the rug to cover the bottom third of the nightstand and the bench at the foot of the bed?

rug size for twin bed

Bedroom Rug

The rug in this image is 3x5 size under a twin bed

A 5' by 7' rug would be appropriate for covering the flooring at the lowest two-thirds of the bed, while a 9' × 12' rug would fit two twin beds easily.

Full-Size Bed

Between a queen bed and a twin bed size, a full-size bed can have unique issues. A large rug can be too much for the area, but a small rug might still be inadequate. We advise a 6' by 9' area rug for a look that works in a room with a full bed.

rug size for full size bed

Rug Sizes and Placement Options for Different Room Sizes

Small Bedrooms

Instead of thinking tiny about bedroom rug ideas, go big. If your bedroom is small, you could constantly acquire a little bedroom area rug for the side of your bed. Choose a rug that is large enough almost to fill a small room, giving the illusion of more space. Ensure the bare flooring between the carpet and the walls is 2 to 5 inches.

Use these general recommendations for the area rug you'll need if you have a twin-size or full-size bed in a tiny room. Remember that twin-size beds usually have dimensions of 39 inches wide by 75 inches long. 54 inches broad by 75 inches long is the size of a full-size bed, sometimes called a double bed.

round rug in bedroom

The bottom two-thirds of the bed is the only part that fits a 4-foot by 6-foot or 5-foot by 8-foot area rug. Apart from the bed, a nightstand and a seat at the foot of the bed all work on a 6-foot by 9-foot area rug. On the other hand, two twin-size beds, one nightstand in the middle of the beds, and two seats at the foot of each bed fit on a 9 by 12-foot area rug.

Large Bedrooms

A spacious bedroom will look out of balance if you choose an undersized rug. If you decide to go with a large rug that takes up most of the space, leave at least 8 inches between the rug's edges and the walls.

You might have a queen-size or king-size bed in a bigger room. Use these general principles to choose an area rug that will look excellent in a large bedroom. Take into account the dimensions of larger beds. 60 inches wide by 80 inches long is the size of a queen-size bed. A king-size bed is 80 inches long and 76 inches wide.

The bottom two-thirds of a queen-size or king-size bed will fit beneath an 8-foot by 10-foot or a 9-foot by 12-foot area rug, but the nightstands will not. Second, a 12-foot by 15-foot area rug will fit under nightstands and appear balanced beneath the king-size bed. Note that a queen-size or king-size bed's feet and sides should always be at least 18 inches to 24 inches from the area rug.


Irrespective of the size of your bed or the bedroom, you must ensure that the area rug does not touch the edges or borders of the dresser, or any large furniture present in the room. Select a rug that can fit entirely underneath the entire dresser. Alternately, choose a small enough area rug to allow at least 2 or 3 inches of floor to show between the rug's edge and the piece of furniture.

How to Choose the Perfect Bedroom Area Rug?

Bedroom area rug size

A whole bed on the carpet, a half bed on the rug, or runners on either side of the bed are three ways to arrange an area rug in a bedroom.

If you want to put an indoor area rug in a bedroom but aren't sure what size to get, use masking tape to mark the spot 36 inches from the walls on all sides. The bed will be positioned against one wall. Dispatch that wall. Your bedroom area rug will be the same size as the rectangular shape in the space.

To give you room to rest your feet on the carpet as you sit on the side of the bed, a bedroom rug should reach at least 2 feet past the bed's edges. If a bench is positioned at one end of the bed, lengthen your carpet by one foot. If there is a small area in the bedroom, you might choose runners for both sides.

Due to the smaller area, they cover, runners are inexpensive. You can choose different rugs for each site to identify the specific region in a large bedroom with plenty of space and diverse furniture sets, the ideal area rug for a bedroom.

Style of bedroom rug

Considering that a bedroom is a personal place, a private space, and an area with less traffic. You can choose a unique rug design based on your preferences. Both comfort and luxury are options.

The bedroom is the ideal location to keep a luxurious wool rug if that's what you decide to get. Consider a carpet in a neutral color if the bedroom has a large area. Your sleep routine will be disrupted if you choose a loud rug here. Choosing a carpet that complements the bedroom's furniture and color scheme is crucial.

Material of bedroom rugs

Area Rugs provide numerous possibilities for both the color and pattern, as well as the construction material. While thicker rugs are more comfortable, thinner rugs are simpler to clean.

Silk and viscose rugs have a lovely appearance and enhance the ambiance of your space. However, silk and viscose rugs should be avoided if a pet is in the house because the pattern on these rugs can snag on the claws of pets, which will quickly wear out the carpet.

Among the most resilient carpets are those made of wool and polypropylene, which are very simple to keep and clean. One doesn't have to be concerned about drinks spilling on the rug or staining from a pizza slice. To guarantee safety, polypropylene rugs include an anti-slip backing.


What size rug for the bedroom?

There is no specific answer to this question because it entirely depends on the size of the bedroom and the type of bed placed in it. However, the most common choices of bedroom rugs include 6x9, 8x10, and 9x12.

How to choose the right size rug for a bedroom? 

The right measurement is critical to finding the correct rug size for your bedroom. Anything too big or too small will disturb the look as well as the balance of the room.

What size rug for queen bed?

An 8’x10’ rug is the best size for a queen bed. It is because the usual dimension of the bed is approximately 5’x6’.

What size rug for king bed?

While an 8’x10’ rug is the minimum requirement for a king bed, you can also go for a 9’x12’ rug if the room is big enough with a bedside table to accommodate.

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