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Standard Rug Sizes: Guide for Each Room

You must have read the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears as a child. Do you remember how Goldilocks was so confused inside the house of the bear family where there were different sizes of everything? It is the same case when you are trying to shop for rugs but don’t know which size to buy. While an oversized rug may make the room look off-balance, one that is smaller may reduce the appeal of the room overall. So, you will need a rug that fits a room perfectly and can also anchor the rest of the furniture around. As your rug experts, we are here to help you to understand standard rug sizes and buy the right rug which fits your space perfectly.

What are Standard Rug Sizes?

Standard rug sizes available at The Rug Decor are:

  •       3x5
  •       4x6
  •       5x7
  •       5x8
  •       6x9
  •       8x10
  •       9x12

Standard Rug Sizes

Here is a detailed guide on small rugs, medium-sized rugs and large size rugs, and where you can place them:

Size Category







Placed near the entrance for wiping shoes. Can also be layered with a larger rug for visual appeal.




Perfect for placing in front of a single sink or toilet. Adds warmth and comfort to bare floors.



Small Bedroom

Ideal for placing next to the bed or in front of a chair for cozy mornings.


4x6, 5x7, 5x8

Living Room

Fits well in front of a sofa and coffee table, grounding the seating area and defining the space.



Dining Room

Place under the dining table and chairs, ensuring the rug extends beyond the chairs when pulled out.




Position partially under the bed, extending out to provide a soft landing for your feet when getting out of bed.


6x9, 8x10

Living Room

Underneath the main furniture grouping, such as the sofa and accent chairs, to anchor the space and tie everything together.




Extend under a queen or king-size bed, framing the bed and providing a soft surface for your feet in the morning.

Extra Large


Large living room

Perfect for underneath a sectional or multiple furniture groupings, defining zones within a large open space.

standard rug size guide

Rug Size Chart

Standard Area Rug Sizes in Feet, Inches, And Centimeter

Rug Sizes In Feet (WxL)

Rug Sizes in Inches (WxL)

Rug Sizes in Centimeter (WxL)




























Other Rug Sizes Dimensions

Rug Sizes In Feet

Rug Sizes in Inches

Rug Sizes in Centimeter

6’x6’ Round Rug



8’x8’ Round Rug



2.6’x4’ Runner Rug



2.6’x6’ Runner Rug



2.6’x8’ Runner Rug



2.6x10’ Runner Rug



2.6’x12’ Runner Rug




General Thumb rules to Choose the Right Size Rug

Let’s check out the general thumb rule first:

A rug should not be too small or too large for the room. Finding the right size is crucial to maintaining visual harmony.

The rug should ideally extend at least six inches past the furniture on all sides. This ensures that there is cohesiveness between the rug and surrounding furnishings.

The rug should be of an appropriate size to avoid making the room appear disjointed or cramped.

Here’s how you can find the accurate measurements:

Measure the length and width of the area where the rug will be placed.

Determine the main seating or gathering area within the space.

Measure the length and width of the furniture arrangement, adding extra inches to each side for proper coverage.

Referencing standard rug sizes such as 5x8 feet, 8x10 feet and 9x12 feet can help in decision-making.

Select a rug size that balances functional needs with visual impact, ensuring it enhances the overall ambiance of the room.

For a quick short cut, use a rug size calculator.


Rug Sizes for Living Room

3x5 Feet

Small Area Rugs - The Rug Decor

3x5 rugs are suitable for small living rooms or compact seating areas. Place it under a coffee table to add a cozy touch to the seating arrangement, or beneath a work desk for comfort and warmth underfoot.

6x9 Feet

Medium Rugs - The Rug Decor

6x9 rugs are ideal for medium-sized living rooms or areas with slightly larger seating arrangements. This size offers more coverage, anchoring furniture together while defining the seating area. Position it under the coffee table with the front legs of the sofa and chairs resting on the rug for a cohesive look.

8x10 to 9x12 Feet

Shop This Vintage Rug - Hand-knotted Rust and Blue Turkish Wool Rug

Perfect for spacious living rooms or open floor plans. A large rug size such as 8x10 rugs and 9x12 rugs like this can accommodate a full seating arrangement, including sofas, chairs and even a coffee table, with all furniture legs resting comfortably on the living room rug. This size creates a unified and harmonious look, tying the entire room together while providing ample cushioning underfoot.

Rug Sizes for Bedroom

rug size guide for bedroom

5x8 Feet

5x8 rugs are ideal for small to medium-sized bedrooms. Place this size rug horizontally under the lower two-thirds of the bed, extending it beyond the sides and foot of the bed to create a soft landing for your feet when getting in and out of bed. This setup adds warmth and texture to the space without overwhelming it.

8x10 Feet

Perfect for medium to large bedrooms. Position this rug under the entire bed, allowing it to extend at least 18-24 inches beyond the sides and foot of the bed. This arrangement frames the bed beautifully, providing a plush surface for your feet to land on in the morning while also anchoring the room's décor.

9x12 to 10x14 Feet

Large Area Rugs - The Rug Decor

Ideal for spacious master bedrooms or rooms with additional seating areas. Place this generously sized rug under the bed with plenty of extra space around the perimeter, ensuring that all bedroom furniture, including nightstands and benches, comfortably rests on the rug. This creates a luxurious and cohesive look while adding softness and warmth to the entire room.

Rug Sizes for Dining Room

rug size guide for dining room

5x8 Feet

Suitable for small dining areas or compact tables. Place a 5x8 dining room rug under the dining table, ensuring that all chair legs remain on the rug even when pulled out. This setup defines the dining space while adding warmth and texture to the room.

8x10 to 9x12 Feet

Ideal for medium to large dining rooms or tables that seat six to eight people. Position this size rug under the dining table with ample space around the edges to accommodate chairs comfortably, even when they're pulled out for seating. This arrangement not only anchors the dining area but also provides a soft surface for chairs and adds visual interest to the space.

10x14 Feet or Larger

Perfect for spacious dining rooms or large tables that seat ten or more people. Place this generously sized rug under the entire dining set, allowing it to extend beyond the table and chairs. Ensure there's enough space for chairs to move freely without catching on the rug's edges. This creates a cohesive and luxurious look while maximizing comfort and style in the dining room.

Rug Sizes for Kitchen

2x3 to 3x5 Feet

Ideal for smaller kitchens or compact areas such as in front of the sink or stove. Place these smaller rugs strategically in high-traffic areas to provide cushioning and protection against spills while adding a touch of color and texture to the space.

4x6 to 5x8 Feet

Suitable for medium-sized kitchens or areas with a bit more floor space. Position 4x6 kitchen rugs in front of larger appliances like the refrigerator or dishwasher or in the center of the kitchen to define a cozy cooking or dining area. Ensure there's enough clearance around the edges to prevent tripping hazards and allow for easy movement.

6x9 Feet or Larger

Perfect for spacious kitchens or open floor plans with a designated dining or gathering area. Place a larger rug beneath the dining table or in the main traffic flow of the kitchen to anchor the space and add warmth underfoot. Ensure the rug extends beyond the table or seating area to create a cohesive look and provide ample cushioning for chairs.

Rug Sizes for Outdoor

5x7 to 6x9 Feet

Ideal for small to medium-sized outdoor spaces such as balconies, patios, or decks. Place these rugs beneath a bistro set, lounge chairs or outdoor seating to define the area and add a layer of comfort underfoot. Ensure the rug is large enough to accommodate all furniture legs without feeling cramped.

8x10 to 9x12 Feet

Suitable for larger outdoor areas or dining spaces. Position these rugs under a dining table and chairs, allowing enough space for chairs to slide in and out comfortably. Alternatively, use a larger rug to anchor a seating area with a sofa, chairs and coffee table, creating a cozy outdoor living space.

10x14 Feet or Larger

Perfect for expansive outdoor areas such as spacious decks, patios or poolside lounging areas. Utilize these generously sized rugs to cover a large portion of the outdoor floor space, providing a comfortable and inviting foundation for multiple seating or dining arrangements.



Right Rug Size Summary Table

Here's a summary table for choosing the right rug size based on different room types:

Room Type


Rug Size



Living Room


Small: 5x8 ft


Under coffee table or in front of sofa


Medium: 8x10 ft


Under main furniture grouping


Large: 9x12 ft+

Entire seating area coverage


Small: 5x8 ft


Horizontally under lower two-thirds of bed


Medium: 8x10 ft

Entire bed with space around


Large: 9x12 ft+

Extend beyond bed edges and surrounding area

Dining Room


Small: 5x8 ft


Under dining table with chair accommodation


Medium: 8x10 ft

Entire dining set with ample space


Large: 10x14 ft+


Beyond dining set for a cohesive look


Small: 2x3 ft

In front of sink or stove


Medium: 4x6 ft


Under larger appliances or central area


Large: 6x9 ft+


Beneath dining or main traffic flow


Small: 5x7 ft

Under bistro set or lounge chairs


Medium: 8x10 ft

Under dining set or seating area


Large: 10x14 ft+

Covering a large portion of outdoor space


Tips to Choose Round Rug Size

Selecting the right round rug size can be crucial in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your space. Here are some helpful tips to guide you in choosing the perfect round rug size:

Measure the diameter of the room or the specific area where you plan to place the round rug. Ensure that the rug's size complements the proportions of the room without overwhelming the space.

Determine the primary function of the round rug. Is it intended to anchor a seating area, add warmth to a foyer, or serve as a focal point in a dining area? Clarifying its purpose will help you narrow down the appropriate size.

Allow for sufficient space around the edges of the round rug to create a balanced and visually appealing look. Aim for at least 18-24 inches of floor space between the rug and the walls or other furniture pieces.

If the round rug will be placed under a dining table or coffee table, ensure that it extends beyond the edges of the furniture to accommodate chairs or provide a comfortable walking path.

You must consider the room's layout and the arrangement of furniture. A larger round rug may be suitable for an open-concept space or a room with expansive seating areas, while a smaller rug may suffice for a cozy nook or reading corner.

Assess how the round rug will contribute to the overall visual impact of the room. A larger rug can make a bold statement and tie the entire space together, while a smaller rug can add a subtle touch of color and texture.

If unsure about the ideal size, consider experimenting with different rug sizes by using painter's tape to outline the dimensions on the floor. This allows you to visualize how each size will fit within the room before making a final decision.

How to Choose Runner Rugs?

hand knotted perisan runner rug

The runner rug in this image is 2.6x8 feet

Determine the primary purpose of the runner rug. Is it intended to protect high-traffic areas, add warmth to a bare hallway, or provide cushioning in front of a sink or kitchen counter? Understanding its function will help you choose the right size and material.

Leave sufficient space around the edges of the runner rug to prevent it from feeling cramped. Aim for at least a few inches of floor space on either side to create a visually pleasing look and facilitate easy movement.

Consider the layout of the room and the placement of furniture. Ensure that the runner rug complements the existing decor and doesn't obstruct doorways or other functional areas.

Runner rugs come in various lengths, so consider how much coverage you need. For hallways, opt for a length that extends the entire length of the hallway or stops just short of doorways. In kitchens, choose a runner that spans the length of the countertop or sink area.

Select a runner rug that complements the aesthetic of your home decor. Whether you prefer traditional patterns, modern designs, or eclectic prints, choose a runner that enhances the overall look and feel of the space.

Invest in a runner rug made from durable materials that can withstand daily wear and tear, especially in high-traffic areas. Look for features such as stain resistance, easy maintenance, and non-slip backing for added safety.


How do you place an area rug in a bedroom? 

The best way is to place it under the bed in a way that there is still foot space left on all three sides for at least a nightstand. To know more about how to choose bedroom rug size in different bedrooms can check out this bed room rug sizes blog .

Should a rug go under a dining table?

Yes, if you are focusing on a dining table rug, it is best to place it under the table to achieve the best look.

Should a rug be centered in a room?

Yes, it is a good idea to make the rug a centerpiece of a room, but make sure it does not look odd. For that, you first have to determine the anchor accent such as the fireplace, or the windows, or the main walls, etc.

Can you put two different rugs in the same room?

Yes, you can put two different rugs in the same room, especially if they complement each other in color, style, or texture, adding visual interest to the space. Layering is another great way in which two rugs can be placed in the same room.

Can you use a round rug in the living room?

Yes, a round rug can add a unique touch to the living room, especially if it fits well with the furniture arrangement and complements the room's overall design.

How to measure a round rug?

To measure a round rug, start by finding the center point of the rug and measure from the center to the edge in a straight line; this will give you the rug's radius. Then, multiply the radius by 2 to determine the rug's diameter.

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