Runner Rugs

If you have a fascination for rugs, trying a variety of patterns can add variation in every room. For example, the beautiful runner rugs from the collection of The Rug Decor lets you cover long passages and pathways. These elevate the look of a usually barren area within a home and makes it comfier.

Tips to maintain runner rugs at home

Indoor carpet prepping

To get rid of loose dirt and debris, vacuum the runner rugs. They won't bunch up or get trapped in your vacuum because of the non-slip rubber backing, which keeps them flat on the floor. For additional surface dust removal, sweep your rug.

Washing indoor runner

Your runner rugs may be spot cleaned for harder stains, just like any other carpet in your house. We advise using warm water and a light soap or detergent for spot cleaning.

Drying indoor runner

It is preferable to allow your indoor carpets and runner rugs to air dry after spot cleaning. However, you can hasten the drying process by hanging them outside or turning on fans in a well-ventilated space.

Cleaning outdoor runners

Your outdoor rug or runner should be vacuumed or swept to eliminate loose particles. A smaller rug can be picked up and violently shaken to remove dirt. Simply hosing off our outdoor carpet products is the most practical cleaning technique.

Placement of runner rugs

Kitchen runner rugs

Kitchen runner rugs can be used anywhere you wish to keep your floor clean, including in front of the sink, in small spaces between the counters and cupboard, in front of the stove and oven, and more! You can pick the ideal runner size to make a grand entrance into your kitchen. Remember to choose washable carpets when picking a rug for the kitchen.

Hallway runner rugs

In these small areas, runner rugs are also recommended because of how narrow they are. They'll not only make your corridor more cheerful, but they'll also keep it clean and safe by slowing down traffic. Use runners to provide the smallest floor area in your home, such as a corridor where no furniture can be placed, a more formal and lovely appearance.

Outdoor runner rugs

Choose a rug shape that complements your outdoor furniture. For example, underneath rectangular tables or dining sets, put oval or round carpets and beneath circular outdoor dining tables, respectively.

Stair runner rugs

Any rug in your home should be supported with a rug pad. That also applies to your stair runner! Use a rug cushion during installation to keep the rug in place and safeguard the structural integrity of your staircase.


What is a runner rug?

Long and narrow rugs are referred to as runner rugs in this context. These carpets typically have a rectangular shape.

Can you wash a runner rug in the washing machine?

You can wash your runner rugs in the washing machine with your bath towels if it is composed of cotton or synthetic fibers.

Where to put a runner rug?

Runner rugs are frequently positioned on staircases, constrained hallways, bedrooms, the home's entry, the kitchen, and the bathroom's vanity area.

What type of rugs is most durable?

One of the strongest rug materials is nylon. Additionally, it resists fading and stains.