Silk Rug

Silk rugs from The Rug Decor are the finest choice whenever you are aiming for a glamorous and royal look for your living room. Apart from the stunning appearance, you can buy silk rugs online for their high durability, resistance, elegance and ability to withstand high foot traffic.
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Your home deserves to look plush and attractive at all times, and what’s a better idea than to buy silk rug online to give your home an elegant and royal look? The Rug Decor offers a fine collection of premium rugs on lustrous silk fabric to suit your home perfectly.

Choosing the right colors can transform the space beautifully, whether in your bedroom, living room, or dining space. While a silk rug is always premium, you will be convinced to get one as a centerpiece for your home after checking out our collection.

Why should you buy silk rug?

When you decide to buy silk rug online for your home, it is a wise investment because it can serve the purpose of a centerpiece without bothering the existing setting of the space. Besides offering a luxurious and attractive look, a silk rug is robust and long-last. Moreover, the best varieties in The Rug Decor collection are hand knotted rugs that showcase artistry and precision like none other.

Another interesting fact about a silk oriental rug is that it may take on various shades and hues based on its placement. Finally, the hand knotted silk rugs from our collection are easy to maintain and fire-resistant.

Check out the latest collection of silk rugs at The Rug Decor

Whether you select the finest Turkish silk rugs or one from other categories, each rug from The Rug Decor will offer a regal look to your home. The collection consists of a wide range of designs, including rustic, modern, bohemian, and others, along with various colors and sizes to fit your need perfectly.

When you buy a silk rug online, it adds a touch of refinement and opulence to any space. They are fantastic irrespective of where you decide to place them. Besides, if choosing the right color sounds tedious, go for the classic, such as blue for warmth and vibrance, grey and black for style and edginess, or neutral shades, such as beige, ivory, or neutral shades, and white for a classic vibe. You can choose these fine rugs in round, square, and rectangular shapes based on the dimensions and existing décor of a space.

Silk Persian rugs

A silk Persian rug is one of the finest varieties you can grab from the exclusive collection of The Rug Decor. All of these supreme showcase levels of craftsmanship and shows the talent that has refined over the years. The best part about Persian hand knotted silk rugs is the intricacy of designs and the usage of traditional motifs that date back several centuries.


How to clean a silk rug?

The best way to clean a silk rug is by dipping a rag in vinegar and water and then rubbing it to remove any stains and odor. The process may require a few repetitions too.

Is silk good for a rug?

Yes, silk is a great fabric option for rugs because it is resilient, robust, comfortable, and fire resistant.

Is silk carpet expensive?

The cost of silk rugs is usually on the higher side, considering the richness of the fabric, the luxurious look it offers, and the stunning designs that take precision and time.