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How to keep outdoor rug from blowing away: Learn the right tips


Welcome to this blog if you are frustrated with a rug problem that several homeowners are complaining about. Does your outdoor rug often blow away during windy days? If yes, then you are at the right place. We understand the struggle of being able to keep outdoor rugs for blowing away not just because it requires efforts to put the same back in place. It is also because such problems impact the overall look of your patio or any similar outdoor space. In this blog, you will learn how to keep outdoor rug from blowing away, using the easiest ways. Keep reading till the end to know about it all.

An outdoor rug's appeal resides in its capacity to change a dull area into a comfortable and beautiful space, but without the right ideas, you may have to experience quite a few hassles. Strong winds, erratic weather, and light-weight rug materials are a few of the elements that cause this annoying issue. You're at the proper place if you've personally dealt with this or want to learn how to avoid it in the first place. Check out some basic as well as additional methods that will teach you how to keep outdoor rug from blowing away.

How to keep outdoor rugs from blowing away?

Our outdoor areas become those welcoming spaces where outdoor rugs can be added for style and comfort. However, during natural extremities, such as strong winds, your outdoor rugs may blow away. But now there is nothing to worry! With the right choices and ideas, you can stop your outdoor rug from flying away and make sure it remains there. Let's look at how to keep outdoor rug from blowing away on different surfaces, such decks and concrete floors.

Choose right rug

Before learning about the secondary details, it is important to choose the ideal large area rugs. You should select materials that are tough, heavy enough to endure strong winds, and that are mold- and water-resistant. Polypropylene and polyester are two good synthetic fabrics to use since they can withstand outdoor conditions without losing their charm. Moreover, you should consider rugs as well that have a non-slip backing to keep them in place.

On concrete floors

Concrete areas provide outdoor rugs with a smooth and durable surface, but they can also be vulnerable to moisture buildup that can result in mold and mildew problems. How to fix your outdoor rug to concrete:

Double-Sided Carpet Tape

Use double-sided carpet tape to secure your rug's corners and edges after placing it on the concrete surface. For a solid hold, make sure the tape is firmly attached to the backing of the rug as well as the concrete surface.

Hook-and-Loop Fasteners

Put Velcro strips or other hook-and-loop closures on the rug's corners and edges. On the concrete floor, adhere the coordinating Velcro strips. Press the rug firmly into the Velcro strips before placing it to prevent sliding.

Rug Gripper Pads

Purchase rug gripper pads made especially for outdoor use. These sticky pads will stick to the carpeting and the concrete below, offering a solid base.

Weighted Edges

If the edge of your rug is folded, tuck metal or PVC pipes inside the folds and secure them with strong adhesive. When it's windy, these weights will help the rug stay in place.

Furniture Anchors

Use furniture anchors to secure the furniture legs to the concrete floor if your outdoor rug is placed below pieces of furniture. This will stop any movement that could cause the rug to shift.

On deck

Deck surfaces often come up as another different challenge, as they can be more delicate than concrete ones and are therefore more susceptible to damage. To prevent your outdoor rug from blowing away on a deck:

Rug Pads with Rubber layer

Choose rug pads with a rubber layer beneath to provide grip and prevent slippage. Avoid using vinyl or plastic rug pads that may damage the deck's surface over time.

Hook-and-Loop Fasteners (Deck Tiles)

Apply the hook-and-loop fasteners directly to the underside of the interlocking deck tiles and the corresponding rug corners if your deck uses them. This technique holds the rug in place without causing any surface damage to the deck.

Outdoor Rug Clips

Invest in outdoor rug clips that fasten to the rug's corners and the edges of the deck to guarantee a tight fit and resistance to wind.

Heavy Outdoor Furniture

Put hefty outdoor furniture, such a sofa or dining table, on the rug's borders or corners. The furniture's weight will hold the rug firmly in place and prevent it from moving.

Rug Anchors

Rug anchors are covert metal objects that hold the rug down by grabbing its corners and attaching to the deck's surface.

With the help of these suggestions, you may finally say goodbye to the times when windy days involved chasing after your outdoor rug. Your outdoor retreat will continue to be a peaceful and welcoming location if you choose the right rug type and use the right anchoring techniques. Rug gripper pads and double-sided carpet tape are useful options for concrete flooring.

Rug pads with rubber backing and outdoor rug clips, on the other hand, offer excellent traction on deck surfaces without inflicting any harm. If you adopt these strategies, you won't ever have to worry about your outdoor rug taking off again, so you can enjoy its appeal and comfort.

Bonus anchoring methods you can use to keep outdoor rugs

You can never have too many plans in place to keep your outdoor rug from being blown away, especially when you are fighting against the forces of nature. Here are some more anchoring techniques that, in addition to those already mentioned, will you to understand how to keep outdoor rug from blowing away and also improve its durability.

Rug Pad with Suction Cups

For outdoor rugs on smooth surfaces like tile or stone, consider using a rug pad with suction cups. These pads adhere to the underside of the rug and create a vacuum-like seal with the floor, preventing any slippage. The suction cups are gentle on surfaces, making them an ideal solution for delicate flooring materials.

Rubber Matting

Rubber matting below might be a useful solution to hold an outdoor rug in place if it is a sizable one that covers a sizable area. The rug will be firmly anchored to the ground by the rubber, making it resistant to movements brought on by the wind.

Stake the Rug

Consider using garden stakes to hold down the corners and edges of outdoor rugs placed on grass or other soft surfaces. Regularly place stakes around the rug's edges in the ground, making sure they go through the backing of the rug for a strong hold. This technique works great for picnics and outdoor gatherings and is especially helpful when it is windy outside.

Bungee Cords

Outdoor rugs can be securely fastened to a variety of surfaces using the adaptable equipment known as a bungee cord. If the rug has a corner grommet, tie one end of the bungee cord to it, and the other end to a strong anchor point, like a fence post or deck railing. The bungee cord's flexibility will permit some movement while preventing the rug from being completely blown away.

Weather-Resistant Rug Spray

Your outdoor rug can be shielded against moisture and deterioration brought on by the environment with the use of weather-resistant rug sprays or sealants. These sprays form a shield on the rug's surface that protects it from mildew, mold, and fading from sunlight. They may not serve as a direct anchor for the rug, but they do add to its longevity.

Use Rope or Zip Ties

Consider using strong rope or zip ties to secure the rug if there are no grommets or corners that are appropriate for bungee cords. To secure the rug to surrounding fixtures, furniture legs, or other anchor points, thread the rope or zip ties through the rug's edges.

DIY Pegs or Stakes

Create your own rug stakes or pegs using PVC pipes or metal rods if you prefer DIY projects. Stakes made from pipes or rods should be cut into stakes and put through the folded sides of the rug. These DIY stakes will give the rug weight and stability, which will keep it from blowing away.

Wind Clips

Outdoor carpets can be kept in place in windy situations with the help of wind clips. They frequently have a spring-loaded construction that attaches to the edges of the rug and securely grasps the ground. Wind clips are quick and simple to use, and they may be used on most outdoor carpets.

Your outdoor rug may be kept securely in place without being difficult to accomplish. With the help of these extra anchoring techniques, you can increase the stability of your rug and profit from having a beautiful, well-kept outdoor area.

Choose the approach that best fits the size, location, and particular surface your rug lays on, whether you go with suction cups, bungee cords, or homemade pegs. By taking these extra steps, you won't have to worry about your rug running off on an unforeseen journey with the wind and can unwind and enjoy your outdoor retreat to the fullest.


What types of rugs are less likely to blow away?

Rugs made from heavy, durable materials like polypropylene, polyester, or rubber are less likely to blow away due to their weight and resistance to wind. Additionally, outdoor rugs with non-slip backing or those designed specifically for outdoor use tend to stay in place more effectively.

Will anchoring damage outdoor rugs?

When done correctly using appropriate anchoring methods, such as rug pads with suction cups, Velcro strips, or specialized rug clips, anchoring should not cause damage to outdoor rugs. Avoid using adhesives or materials that could harm the rug's backing or fibers, and always test anchoring methods in inconspicuous areas first.

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