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GET ADDITONAL 20% Off on Entire Store! USE Code "SUMMER" At Checkout.

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Calvo Rugs

The feel and texture of the rugs at your home are just as important as their appearance. We all want to place our feet or walk on a soft and comfortable Calvo rug whether it is in the bedroom, dining space, living room, or in front of the bathroom. Check out the collection of cozy rugs at The Rug Decor to find the best ones for your abode!

Calvo rugs

When you are researching for which rug to buy for your home, there is a section, the pictures from which scream out comfort. That is exactly where you will find the finest Calvo rugs, and The Rug Decor offers quite a range of options.

Whether you are looking forward to give your living room some vibrance, or planning to add some comfort to your bedroom floors, a Calvo rug will tick all the right boxes for you. These rugs are created using a special over-the-table tufting technique giving each piece the ultimate finesse and appearance.

Several skilled weavers tuft and stretch mostly cotton yarn on vertical looms. Apart from cotton, other materials such as viscose, silk, jute, linen, and wool can also be used to create beautiful Calvo rugs.

You can find these rugs featuring a variety of designs starting from traditional to contemporary ones. However, geometric, stripes, chevron, and other similar patterns are the most common in rugs from this category.

Compliment your décor with Calvo rugs

Here are some tips to help you place your rug in to achieve the finest appearance:

Perfect bedroom spot

Place a Calvo rug right next to your bed, so that you can step onto it just as the alarm goes off in the morning. The comfort of the rug will help you to start your day with a good feeling.

Rug layering

Rug layering is an excellent way to achieve a more refined look. For example, you can place a Calvo oriental gray rug on top of another rug in a brighter shade.

Furniture draping

You can choose a completely different way and place your rug in a different way by draping it offer a focal furniture, such as the living room couch. Office space A Calvo rug is perfect to glam up your home office space or the kid’s room as well. Just go for brighter colors to ensure that the vibe of the space is always energetic.

How to clean and care for your Calvo rugs?

Taking care of Calvo rugs is quite and easy task, considering you do it regularly. Here are some tips to follow:
· Use a vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning to keep the rugs dust-free
· Attend to any kind of spillage immediately
· Never use a chemical cleaner to remove stains. Instead, a neutral pH detergent is preferable
· Consider professional deep cleaning every few years
· Overexposure to heat or moisture is never a good idea