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How to Flatten a Rug: Easiest Techniques to Save Time


Welcome to our in-depth how to flatten a rug guide. It is easy to transform any space using a gorgeous rug, which brings warmth and personality. However, you can discover ugly lumps, wrinkles, and curls on a new rug after unrolling, unfolding, or even when you want to store one. Do not be worried because this blog will reveal the simplest and most efficient methods for you to learn how to flatten a rug that was rolled up.

Although flattening a rug may appear to be a difficult task, it actually becomes simple when you know the correct techniques. We are aware of how essential your time is and how undesirable it is to have to wait days for a rug to settle. Our easy and effective methods will help you quickly create that smooth and welcoming look, whether you have a rug that has been securely rolled when you bought it or one that has wrinkled from storage or heavy furniture.

So, now you can say good-bye to those obstinate rug wrinkles and hello to carpets that are neatly spread out.

How to flatten a rug?

Rugs have the ability to completely change the mood of a space, but learning how to flatten a rug is sometimes the first challenge. In this section, you will learn the methods to make sure your rug lies precisely flat, saving you both time and pain, whether you've just unrolled a new rug or are struggling with curled corners, wrinkles, or dents.

How to flatten area rugs that are rolled?

When you see bumps and dents while unrolling a new rug, the initial excitement may soon turn into disappointment. Luckily, we have got your covered for answers to how to get waves out of rug:

Inverse roll technique

Begin by gently rolling the rug in the direction that is opposite to its curl. Keep it like this for a day or two. The fibers can then unwind and adjust to their new shape as a result.

Weighted rest

Lay the rug face down and place weighty items around the curved edges for a weighted rest. The weight successfully counteracts the curl by encouraging the rug to straighten out over time.

Warmth and Moisture

If your rug is made of organic materials like wool or cotton, a combination of heat and moisture might be really beneficial. Use a low-heat iron while covering the curled parts with a damp cloth. The fibers are made more flexible by the wetness and heat, which helps them to flatten out.Top of Form

How to flatten an area rug with curled corners?

Curled corners might ruin an area rug's intended aesthetics and take away from its overall appeal. Fortunately, there are workable solutions to deal with the problem and bring back the rug's ideal shape. Here is how to get folds out of rugs using easy ways:

Curl Relaxation Method

Bend the corners in the other direction, gently reversing the curl. Hold the corners down for a short while to let them loosen up. Put weights or thick books on the curled corners for a day or two to keep them in this position. The fibers can get flattened due to this slow process.

Double-Sided Tape

Use double-sided rug tape to fix curled corners. Apply the tape to the curled edges' undersides, then firmly press them to the ground. The corners are kept flat and from curling up again by the adhesive action.

Solution using a Rug Pad

Place a Rug Pad under the area rug. This helps to prevent curling corners in addition to adding a layer of padding and comfort. The rug pad's additional weight and grip help the rug maintain its flat, steady position.

How to remove area rug creases?

Area rug creases frequently result from folding or storing, but fear not—these unwanted curls can be removed successfully utilizing the following techniques. Here are easy ways for you to learn how to flatten a rug:

Steam therapy

It is important to be aware of the strength of steam when it comes to rug flattening. Use a handheld steamer and run it over the wrinkled areas very gently. While doing this, give the rug a gentle tug to maintain slight tension. The heat from the steam relaxes the fibers, eventually removing the wrinkles.

Hang and weight method

Use gravity and sunlight to your advantage when using the hang and weight method. The wrinkled areas of the rug should be exposed to direct sunshine by being hung vertically on a strong clothesline or railing. As a result of this interaction of gravity and natural warmth, the rug strands gradually relax and the wrinkles fade. Alternately, you can hasten the process by leaving heavy objects on the wrinkled areas for a day or two.

Damp cloth and a warm iron

Apply a heated iron on low heat and place a slightly moist towel over the creases. The fibers of the rug are penetrated by moisture and heat, which causes them to relax and release the creases. To avoid heat damage to the rug, keep the iron away from the surface.

How to remove dents from a rug?

Unwanted dents left by furniture can damage the look of an otherwise impeccable rug. Fortunately, banishing these indentations is an easy process with these effective techniques:

Ice Cube Method

Yes, you can use an ice cube to erase dents from your surface. Start by placing the ice cube on the dent overnight to let it thaw. Then, use your fingertips to fluff up the rug fibers in the morning after gently blotting up any extra wetness. Vacuum the area to restore the rug's texture as the final step.

Vapor and fluff

Hold a steam iron a few inches above the dented area and let steam out of it. Use your fingers to gently fluff up the fibers once they are just a little damp. A soft-bristle brush can also be used to get the best results.

Warm Towel Technique

Dampen a clean cloth, wring it out to eliminate extra moisture, and place it over the dent. For a few seconds, press the fabric with a warm iron. The mix of heat and moisture coaxes the fibers back into their natural configuration.


How do you flatten a rug fast?

To flatten a rug quickly, try placing a damp cloth over the wrinkles and gently ironing on low heat, or use a steamer for natural fibers.

How long does it take for a rug to flatten?

The time it takes for a rug to flatten depends on factors like material and size, but typically, it could take a few days to a couple of weeks.

Do rugs eventually flatten out?

Yes, rugs usually flatten out over time as they settle and acclimate to the environment, especially with regular foot traffic and proper care.

How do you flatten a bent rug?

To flatten a bent rug, reverse-roll it for a while or lay it in the sun to relax the fibers. A rug pad can also help prevent bending.

How long should I leave weights on my rug to flatten it?

Leaving weights on a rug for 24-48 hours can help expedite flattening, but avoid leaving them for too long to prevent potential damage.

Will a rug pad help prevent flatten and curling?

Yes, a high-quality rug pad can help prevent flattening and curling by providing cushioning, airflow, and grip to keep the rug in place.


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