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Brief Guide To Hand Tufted Rugs from the Rug Decor

Hand-tufted rugs are in high demand due to their fantastic quality and high durability against other machine-made rugs. So, what are hand tufted rugs? These rugs are only second in line after the hand knotted ones regarding fabric standard, uniqueness, and overall functionality.

These are examples of basic works of art as the creation process does not use any special looming or weaving machine. Instead, it is mostly manual labor guided by human creativity and effort.

While many people confuse hand knotted rugs with hand tufted ones, there is quite a lot of difference between the both. The basic difference is that the hand knotted varieties require 100% manual weaving and can last you for decades.

On the other hand, hand tufted rugs use a tufting gun to create beautiful patterns and unique textures. The best part is that you can find all types of patterns, including stripes, paisley, floral, geometric, and more on hand tufted rugs, and that too in a wide range of vibrant as well as muted and neutral hues.

In this post, let’s learn more about what hand-tufted rug is, how it is made, its various types, and more. The information will help you later when choosing the perfect rug for your home or office.

How are hand tufted rugs made?

To make hand tufted rugs, a weaver has to place yarn or wool strands and punch these using a special tufting tool. Compared to hand-knotting, this procedure takes lesser time, and a weaver can learn it and create a hand-tufted rug without special training too.



Backing of tufted rug

A weaver makes a background with a pattern to start the procedure. A tufting gun speeds up the weaving process by knitting the yarn or cotton into the fabric. A second piece, a scrim, is added to the rug with latex glue to bind the fibers together after all the yarn or other material has been injected into the pattern. The weaver trims the carpet loops to make the rug flat and wear-resistant. Some hand-tufted rugs will inevitably become stronger due to their edges.

On the other hand, when a rug is hand-knotted, the front and back are nearly identical in color and clarity. A very fine handcrafted rug's back and front are almost indistinguishable! Additionally, the rug's fringe—those larger threads at the end—is hand-knotted. If that fringe were missing, the rug would fall apart. An essential component of the rug itself is the fringe.


What is a hand tufted rug: the different styles

Now that you know what a hand tufted rug is, it is time to learn about its varieties. Hand-tufted rugs come in various styles, from conventional to cutting-edge. These carpets, produced using a unique technique that streamlines the manufacturing process, allow you to change the appearance of your interior more regularly than much more expensive hand-woven or knotted rugs.

Here are the two primary varieties of hand tufted rugs that you will find at The Rug Decor. These categories consist of a wide array of colors, textures, materials, motifs, and more. Therefore, the next time you are looking for a durable home rug, you already know where to come!

Modern tufted rugs

The modern hand tufted rugs are the ones that require both manual labor along with the usage of the tufting gun. These rugs feature more minimalistic and simple designs compared to traditional antique ones.

For example, a modern hand tufted rug may be made of viscose or bamboo silk, featuring simple stripes and neutral shades. This category of rugs is more suitable for contemporary home décor. These rugs offer an airy, muted, and classy look to any space where you decide to place one.




blue hand tufted rug



Persian tufted rugs

The best examples of vintage aesthetics meeting terrific craftsmanship are featuring elegant traditional Persian motifs and vibrant colors, Persian tufted rugs. These rug designs originated in old Iran and traveled across the globe to find a place in homes across several continents.

You can take the examples of typical Heriz Serapi, Tabriz, and other rugs available at The Rug Decor to understand the beauty that Persian tufted rugs offer.

You can use them as normal area rugs or for layering; in any case, these will exude their charm and attract guests' attention. Investing in Persian tufted rugs is a wise decision as they can serve as the focal piece of any room without bothering other décor accents and furniture.

       persian hand tufted rug

 Traditional Persian Heriz Serapi Hand Tufted Wool Rug


Essential benefits of hand tufted rugs

Hand-tufted rugs have several additional advantages in enhancing the comfort and attractiveness of your home's interior design. Here are a few of them:

Posh looks

Do you desire opulent and extravagant looks? The Rug Decor brings it to you by a hand-tufted rug composed of natural wool.

When you buy a hand tufted rug, it offers vibrant colors for brightness, brilliant designs, and a smooth look overall. The coziness and comfort of a hand-tufted rug may soothe any basic setting.

You must ensure that hand tufted rugs are nit placed in areas like kitchen and bathroom as the fabrics in this case are more delicate and absorbent when it comes to intense stains despite having luxurious looks.

mid century modern hand tufted rug

   Mid Century Modern Hand Tufted Rug

Highly durable

Compared to other types of rugs, hand-tufted carpets provide remarkable durability and last for a very long time. Simply, buying hand tufted rugs means making a wise long-term investment for the beautification and comfort of your home. Hand-tufted rugs do not get damaged easily due to the usage of strong construction material. A sturdy hand-tufted rug can endure 10–20 years with careful care.

These rugs are inexpensive, making it simple to switch them out in rooms intended for families because wool stains can be removed with just a simple blotting motion. Just be careful not to oversaturate the fibers of your rug because that can destroy the backing.

blue and beige tribal style hand tufted area rug

 Hand-Tufted Blue and Beige Tribal Style Wool Area Rug 

Quite affordable

Hand-tufted carpets are the greatest choice if you have a limited budget but still want the ideal home décor with rugs. They are reasonably priced.

Moreover, hand-tufted carpets come in every size and form, which is a great variety. Every size and form is available, including triangle, rectangle, round, and square.

Colors, designs, and Textures

The fact that hand-tufted rugs are available in every color and texture is another fantastic advantage. Any shade or texture that complements your home's walls, curtains, and other furnishings is available.

Apart from the variety in colors and shapes, there is a wide range of stunning designs too. The Rug Decor offers patterns and designs in contemporary, modern, and traditional styles.

No need for pads

As they are manufactured with a latex layer on their back that serves as a pad for the rug pad that offers the grip and stops it from slipping from the floor, hand tufted rugs do not need any rug pad.

A hand-tufted rug is ideal for your home's attractive interior design. They combine form and function to give your house a sense of warmth, texture, and elegance. Beautiful patterns and premium materials give hand-tufted rugs longevity, coziness, and warmth. They offer a relaxed and warm feel to your home.

How to choose the best hand tufted rugs?

As mentioned earlier, hand tufted rugs are available in a wide range of various designs and patterns. Apart from that, hand tufted rugs are more durable and less expensive when compared with several other types of rugs. Therefore, if you want to upgrade the aesthetics of your living room, invest in a hand tufted rug that will not poke a big hole in your pocket, but still look opulent enough. You may get hand-tufted rugs in every size and design. Here are some suggestions for choosing hand-tufted rugs for your living room.


One of the biggest errors is choosing the wrong size. A rug, either too tiny or too large, inevitably leads to a mistake. A hand-tufted rug can be found in any form and size to fit any living space, no matter the size. The nicest feature of hand-tufted rugs is this. Always remember that the rug should have 8 to 10 inches of bare floor on all sides.

Pattern and Color

The use of color and pattern must enhance the living space's beauty. The delicate hand-tufted rug works well to establish balance in a living area with colorful walls. Find a vibrant hand-tufted rug for your living room if the walls are neutral in hue.

A patterned rug can be an excellent way to bring interest to living space if the wall and furniture are neutral. The ideal choice for the patterned wall in the living room may be a simple and neutral rug. A patterned rug better conceals spills and dirt than a solid one, which makes stains much more obvious.


The choice of rugs also includes deciding what hand-tufted rug we want for our living room. The natural wool rug is resilient and silky. Additionally, it resists stains and grime. Silk is a somewhat opulent substance.

It offers the living room a luxurious and elegant appearance. Silk has a shine, softness, and smoothness to it. Viscose is a synthetic silk material manufactured by humans. It is less durable when compared to the wool hand-tufted rug.

Your living room's attractiveness and appeal will be improved by choosing the greatest hand-tufted rug in size, color, pattern, and texture. So, take action to add extra appeal to your living area.


modern floral hand tufted rug

Modern Floral Blue And Ivory Hand Tufted Rug


Cleaning and maintenance of hand tufted rugs

Clean up spills right away

  •   It is best to scrape and vacuum the leftover particles from dry stains
  •   Lay a kitchen towel over wet stains before removing them with lukewarm water and a cloth or sponge.
  •   Dampen the stain, absorb the water, and repeat the process until the stain is removed. Avoid over-wetting the rug, as this will harm the glue holding the strands in place.

Other Do’s and Don’ts


  •   Clean up spills right away
  •   Rug cleaning by a professional should be done sometimes. Never dry clean a rug
  •   To get more uniform exposure to sunshine and wear, rotate your rug
  •   To prevent any loose debris and dust, vacuum frequently. If you have long-pile rugs, it is best to avoid vacuuming using a rotary nozzle brush to prevent yarn damage.


  •   Avoid pulling the yarn's loose or projecting ends; instead, neatly trim them with scissors.
  •   Avoid soaking your carpets in substances. Use additional caution when using water because hand-tufted rugs are sensitive to it. If you come in contact with water or any other liquid, promptly wipe it off with a clean, undyed cloth so that both sides can dry.
  •   Remember that hand-tufted carpets are only intended for indoor use, so keep them out of wet spaces like basements, baths, and kitchens.

Hand tufted Vs. Hand-knotted rugs: What are the differences?

Owning a handmade rug for your home is the height of luxury. However, while making an online purchase, it might be difficult to tell what is genuine and what is not homemade. It isn't easy to choose between the two; Therefore, we will help you understand the basic differences between hand-tufted and hand-knotted rugs in the section.

While hand-knotted rugs are stunning, the prices are more on the premium side. However, with hand-tufted rugs, if your mood changes, they are affordable to modify too. Also, hand-tufted rugs exhibit wear and tear more quickly than knotted ones, so you should replace them.

Check out the differences between hand tufted vs. hand knotted rugs from the points below:

Construction material

One of the primary distinctions between rugs you'll notice immediately is the materials utilized to create them. Most rug artists will use materials like bamboo, cotton, jute, silk, and wool to create hand-knotted rugs. The most common material used in hand-knotted carpets is wool.

On the other hand, despite the fact that hand tufted rugs can use natural fabrics such as wool, the weaving will undoubtedly require lesser labor when compared to hand-knotted rugs. As a result, it is more likely that artists will utilize a variety of fibers and textiles to make their rugs.


Both rugs can look quite different, even though they can complement any interior style. The most handmade and organic-looking rugs are hand-knotted. Due to the manual work, they may also have little flaws that reveal they were created entirely from scratch. The fringe's design and knot sizes may change somewhat from one another.

When viewed from the front, most hand-tufted carpets are virtually indistinguishable from hand-knotted rugs. They do not, however, have as many flaws as hand-knotted carpets. The rug backing will appear blank and not a replica of the front design, which is the primary distinction.


Regardless of the material used, there is a definite difference in how well these carpets hold up over time. In locations with plenty of traffic, this is particularly true. Additionally, it is based on how well you maintain your rug. The rug's knot density serves as the best indicator of durability. This is the number of knots you will find in a square inch. Hand knotted rugs are the toughest ones you can buy. Your rug could last for millennia in the skilled hands of a rug maker.

Hand-tufted rugs may only last for a short time. However, this does not imply that they cannot withstand repeated use. Your rug can endure ten years or longer with proper care. To preserve integrity, it is best to keep it away from busy places.


The price of hand-knotted rugs is always on the higher end comparatively due to a few primary factors. The fact that these are unique, incredibly durable, and completely handmade makes them more expensive compared to the hand tufted ones. Moreover, hand knotted rugs are considered no less than artworks, which is why the demand of these are high too.

The size, pattern, and materials of a hand-tufted rug can significantly impact the cost. Despite being automated, the designs are still reasonably priced, making them perfect for first-time homebuyers and homeowners who want to give a space a bit of class, warmth, and taste.

What should you know about hand tufted rugs?

Persian/Oriental rugs are different from hand-tufted rugs. These rugs are created using a tufting gun, which fires loops of yarn into a backing made of fabric. Once complete, glue is used to secure the yarn loops on the rug's back. Then the glue is covered with a second fabric.

This implies that there are two layers of fabric sandwiching the glue. The scent of the glue used to create tufted rugs bothers many species of pet animals, such as dogs. The animal will then contaminate your rug. This smell may also irritate young children, and older people.

An easy way to tell if a rug is tufted is to examine its construction. A rug that has been entirely hand-knotted has all its knots tied by hand. Hand knots attach each silk or wool strand to the loom—the clarity of the detail and price of the rug increase with the square inch number of knots.


Are hand tufted rugs durable?

Yes, hand tufted rugs are quite durable, if different from a hand knotted one. With good construction materials and expert craftsmanship, a hand tufted rug will last a long time. However, maintenance and daily care are much needed.

What is a hand tufted rug?

A hand tufted rug uses manual weaving and a tool called a tuft gun to achieve more intense texture and design. It comes in a variety of colors, designs, and materials too.

How to know a rug is hand tufted?

The two primary ways to find whether or not a rug is hand tufted is by checking the size of the fringes and the back of the rug. In the case of an authentic hand tufted rug, the fringes will not be too long, and the back will show the tuft gun weaving.

Can you vacuum a hand tufted wool rug?

Yes, vacuuming a hand tufted rug is one of the best ways to keep it clean. However, you should take the help of professionals in case you want a deep cleaning. 

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