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Types of Shag Rugs: Everything You Must Know About a Shaggy Rug

Shag carpets often have a lengthy, irregular, and occasionally heavy fluffy pile. Synthetic yarns are used to create the pile, and the long fibers hold the strands to the back. Wool, leather, and cotton are examples of natural fibers that can be used to make the rug's back layer. This post will help you to get an in-depth understanding of the various types of shag rugs to help you find the best ones for your home.

For many people, the rugs or carpets used in houses are important. There are primarily two causes for this. It starts with physical appearance. Rugs that catch the eye are always selected. The sensitivity to heat and cold is the second factor. Moreover, it is suggested to have carpets that keep you cool in the summer or warm in the winter. So, if you want to know what is a shag rug, it is the item for which both preferences are merged.

The carpet market has expanded significantly, and the growth keeps rising. Consequently, a variety of carpet and rug types have high sales potential. Shag rugs are among the most popular of these carpets or rugs.

What are shag rugs?

Let us start with understanding what is a shag rug. Well, it simply implies a carpet or rug with feathers. It is a type of carpet that looks rough and scathed, as its name implies. One of the things that sets them apart is their exquisite appearance.

The fact that its body is relatively thick primarily sets it apart from other varieties of carpets. Another factor that is significant while understanding the various types of shag rugs is that these are made with extensive cloth strips. These strips are very precisely trimmed to create their appearance. The existing feathery structure is the ultimate result of the weaving process.

The typical range for the tape length of the Shag Rug type is 20 to 50 mm. It frequently has a considerably looser feel as a result. Because of this, the term "feathered" is employed. These rugs and carpets, which gained popularity in the 1970s, are recognized as cultural icons. Today, though, it is starting to revert to being a contemporary carpet.

Shag rug features

A shag rug has a lot of distinctive features. Its durability is the first point that can be mentioned. Another crucial aspect is how simple it is to clean. Apart from these qualities, some of its other significant characteristics include comfort, a soft texture, and a cushiony sensation on the sole. It is one of the most sought-after rugs for the winter because of this. You will not ever get cold while watching a movie or series, especially in the winter when you place a beautiful shaggy rug in your living room.

Check out the list here to know more about what is shag rug features:

Unique texture

Shaggy rugs are soft because of their high pile height and the use of silk, cotton, or wool in their construction. Because of their softness, shaggy rugs are the greatest option if you have young children at home. They can play with its fibers all day long without harming the baby's skin. If you buy a shaggy rug, you will not be able to resist touching it. Instead of bean bags or couches, your leisure area will be the floor.

Lasts for a long time

Shaggy rugs hold up well over time. They can serve as some of the most crucial components of your room. While you can place a shag rug in an area that experiences higher foot traffic, it is best not to do so. Instead, placing a shag rug in one of the less busy spaces of your home will ensure that its texture and look of it remain intact for a longer time.

Always in trend and demand

While saggy rugs may make you nostalgic for bygone eras, the good news is that they still have high demand today. Their sleek look is highly attractive and is an add-on to the level of comfort they offer. You can carefully choose the colors and textures to match your interiors to enhance the style or make a dramatic statement with a shaggy rug.

You can also check out these additional features of shag rugs:

Colors- Shag carpets come in a variety of hues, much like other types of rugs. However, some materials for shag rugs cannot be dyed into different colors, so you might only want to purchase dye-sustaining materials if you intend to dye your rug in the future.

Designs- Shag rugs come in a variety of patterns, so you are sure to find one you like. Even though geometric patterns are more common among contemporary shag carpets, you can still discover some with mixed patterns.

Shapes- Shag carpets come in a variety of shapes, including round, oval, square, rectangle, and more. These can be made specifically for you by cutting them into a design shape that suits you. Modern shag carpets are particularly well-liked for their variety of designs. Generally speaking, circular shag carpets are appropriate for corners and can enlarge tiny spaces.

Sizes - There are many different shag rug sizes, but the size of the area you want to decorate or cover will determine your final choice of rug.

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How to shag rugs are manufactured and the materials used

The majority of the time, these rugs are handwoven. They are hand tufted, hand hooked, and hand-knotted as well in some cases. On the other hand, some are produced by machines too. Shaggy carpets are built in such a way that the surfaces acquire a looped structure.

Due to the rounded and curved edges of the strands, this provides comfort for the feet. There are numerous ways to manufacture shaggy rugs. Even the borders and frames of the modern type are braided. However, machine-made rugs are more accurate and hardly show flaws.

There is a wide range of materials that can be used to make shag rugs, but the most common ones include synthetic, leather, real or faux fur, and wool. These are the most preferable ones. However, a few other materials also include polyester and polypropylene.

Types of shag rugs

Flokati rugs

One of the fluffiest types of shaggy rugs available is the Flokati variety, which is Greek in origin and composed entirely of wool (including the rug backing). They commonly come in white or cream hue and resemble sheepdogs strikingly, but they can also be dyed to other vivid colors for extra elegance.

Flokati rugs are extremely durable and have a 25-year lifespan. But the ease of maintenance with this lovely item is a drawback. They are exceedingly challenging to clean, and a complete wash from a professional cleaner cost a pretty penny.

These rugs should largely be made of pure wool, especially New Zealand wool, which is regarded as the best wool in the world. Due to their high-end purity and luxury, flokati rugs have been a part of Greek traditions for centuries. Using spindles, the wool is first spun into threads to begin the manufacturing process.

Wool shag rugs

Wool is a natural fabric material that is well-known for being used to make shaggy rugs. Wool shag carpets are rather simple to find because they are offered in practically all rug stores. The two varieties of wool shag rugs that are most common are the noodle style and the scruffy style.

 If you want a simple and dependable natural fabric material, think about wool shag rugs. Because wool shag rugs are so thick, it can be very challenging to clean them or remove debris like crumbs and dirt. Additionally, they frequently turn yellow over time.

Wool is a naturally durable and high-quality material, so maintaining it is not too difficult. But because of its long, loose fibers, a wool shag rug might end up holding more dirt and debris. Extremely shaggy wool rugs may also become stuck in a standard vacuum, necessitating the use of particular attachments and care. Also, take into account the color; a white wool shag rug will show dirt and dust more readily and require more frequent upkeep.

Synthetic shag rug

Viscose and polyester, or a blend of both with viscose acting as a thin accent strand, are the primary materials used to create synthetic shaggy-style rugs. Polyester is a synthetic textile made from petroleum. A regenerated cellulose (wood pulp) fiber is viscose. Both fibers result in rugs with a brief lifespan, but viscose sheds more, and polyester lasts longer. 

Even though wool rugs are always more long-lasting, and of incredible quality, synthetic ones can be quite adaptable. It is also a primary reason for customers wanting to try out materials other than the natural ones along with the fact that you can get a wider range of colors and patterns too. If you want a stylish, affordable shag rug that is also simple to clean, choose a synthetic shag rug.

Vacuuming synthetic shag rugs is difficult. The majority of vacuums rip shag fibers. Avoid using revolving brush vacuums and strong suction vacuums. To vacuum, use a hand-held vacuum hose with attachments, including a wide attachment for general top dusting and a crevice tool to go between the fiber rows in the rug base.

Leather shag rug

Leather strands are manually knotted on a cotton backing to create leather-made shag rugs. That gives any space a distinctive and appealing appearance. Leather shag carpets are especially fragile since their strands might come away at random while vacuuming, despite how lovely they seem on the surface.

Each strand is hand-tied to a sturdy cotton backing after being dyed and manufactured from premium natural skins. Tucking and clustering produce a thick, bouncy feeling. The strands are connected in such a way that the suede underneath is visible, and when the light catches it, it gives the carpets a dynamic visual appeal.

Leather is an excellent material for dying, therefore leather shags come in a range of hues. Numerous colors are woven into many different styles. The height of the piles is in the middle, ranging in length from 1" to 3". Given that leather shags are built to last, it's a good thing that their aesthetic is timeless. 

Mixed texture shag rug

A mixed-texture rug is weaved using more than one construction material or fabric to be able to achieve a unique, blended texture. The endurance of this particular sort of shag carpeting is an intriguing quality. But cleaning is challenging, which is disappointing.

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Why should you buy shag rugs?

The area, which was previously undiscovered, is made inviting by a shag carpet. It is always a good idea to buy shag rugs because these easily blend with the existing interior décor and overall appearance of a room. It gives the room an additional layer of warmth and is a fantastic way to refurbish a room to make it look more appealing.

Check out the list here to know why investing in shag rugs is a good option:

Establish a personal comfort zone

If you have a room in your home that you love, but don’t find comfortable due to the bare floors, spread out a shaggy rug over it. Put it down, then slide your feet inside to feel the textures. All of your family members will congregate in the zone itself.

At the end of the day, you can all be gathered around a television, sharing stories, playing games, or catching up on everything while lounging on a hairy rug. As the midnight talks never seem to end, you might end up sleeping on the rug.

Warm up the interior

Laying a shaggy rug will change the entire experience if your room is on the ground floor and tends to keep cool or if the marble flooring makes your feet icily cold, especially in the winter.

The warmth of the rug will surround your feet as you go from the floor to it, luring you to linger there a little while longer. Additionally, you can cuddle up in this inviting nook with your loved ones and spend quality time there on chilly winter mornings.

Reduces pointless clatter

It can be annoying to live next to a wealthy neighborhood where people do not get along or in a neighborhood where you occasionally hear cars honking. You should not panic, though, because there is a simple fix. Set a shaggy rug down.

This will significantly reduce the unneeded noise. You may even think of it as a zone enclosing a quiet space where you can simply be by yourself and savor the moment. It will also be lovely to have your sweet little calm nook if you have extended family staying with you or a lot of visitors coming around.

How to clean a shag rug?

Depending on how unclean it is, your shag rug can be cleaned in a variety of methods. Here is a brief guide for you to learn how to clean a shag rug:


Your shag rug has recently started to look worn out. Although it is not stained, it needs cleaning. Dust can be vacuumed up to revive the rug's fluff and appearance. Turn the vacuum's setting up. It is because fibers may get caught in the brush if the vacuum is set too low. You should also use a hand attachment, a handheld vacuum, or turn off the beater bar. 

Shaking or beating

A fantastic way to maintain clean rugs that are not soiled or in need of deep cleaning is to shake or beat them. For large rugs, this method might be challenging. All you have to do to clean a little rug is beat it against anything sturdy, like a wall outside. Larger rugs call for more.

Spot Removal

Spot cleaning is more effective for spills. Acting soon is essential to avoid the stain setting. For this, you have to blot the spill with the towel as soon as possible. If a colored liquid has spilled, dilute it with water to lessen the color. Now, add a little bit of soap to some water.

Dry cleaning

Occasionally, vacuuming is insufficient because dirt has gotten deep into the rug's fibers, giving it a dirty appearance. For carpets, a dry shampoo can revive the fibers. To clean the rug, it should be covered with the dry shampoo. Now, gently massage the shampoo into the fibers using a bristle brush. 

Steam Cleaning

A steam cleaner eliminates smells and deeply embedded filth. So, if you do not already own a vacuum or steam cleaner, you may rent one for this You must always begin by vacuuming the rug thoroughly. 

Hand washing

If your rug is not dry clean only and you do not have a steam washer, you could try hand washing it. Never wash carpets in a washing machine because even the gentlest cycle can be too harsh for some rugs.

Make an expert call

If vacuuming does not get your rug fully clean and it is dry clean only, take it to a dry cleaner. Cleaning it at home can result in the rug being ruined.


How to make a shaggy rug?

A shaggy rug is made using looped yarn, which is fluffed up to create a high pile and a soft texture. The term ‘shaggy’ is due to the long, hanging fibers that give it a unique look.

How to clean and maintain a shag rug?

There are several ways to clean a shag rug, and the easiest is regular vacuuming. Apart from that, you can pick the rug up and shake it outside to ensure that it gets rid of all dust and lose particles. However, deep cleaning, especially with the help of professionals is also required from time to time.

Can shag rug be used in high-traffic areas?

No, it is not the best idea to place shag rugs in high-traffic areas because the fluffiness and unique texture will get damaged easily due to wear and tear.

How to vacuum a shag rug?

A shag rug requires regular vacuuming, but it is best to ensure that the device has a brush roll attachment and a turbo brush too for the best outcome.

Can you shampoo a shag rug?

If you have a smaller shag rug, it is best to soak it in mild shampoo and water. However, for larger shag rugs, you should go for a dry-cleaning process if you are using shampoo.

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