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How to Get Smell Out of Carpet Using the Easiest Techniques

If your home has carpet, you know how quickly stains may spread throughout it. No matter how careful you are, there will inevitably be a few spills and messes along the way due to the daily commotion.

What about offensive carpet odors, though? How do you get the smell out of the carpet? These odors are undoubtedly unpleasant and keep your home from feeling like a peaceful retreat.

The good news is that a stinky carpet doesn't have to stay that way, which can prevent a home from becoming smelly. Explore our guide below if you want to learn How do you get the smell out of carpet?

carpet cleaning

The Importance of Having Clean Carpets

Improves the period of your carpet's life

If the carpet’s durability is your priority, it is essential to learn how to get a bad smell out of the carpet or clean it. Remember, a rug with proper care may last up to a few decades.

Safeguards your health 

Although they make excellent flooring, carpets can also harbor a lot of unwelcome debris and small vermin if they aren't kept clean. Dirt and pollen can become lodged in your carpet. In dirty carpets, tiny dust mites can thrive too. 

It makes air quality better 

Pet fur, insect allergies, lead, and the remains of hazardous gases are just some unwelcome items found in a dirty carpet. By keeping your carpet clean and learning how to get the smell out of the carpet, you can prevent individuals from inhaling dangerous particles as they move around your business.

Improving a space's appearance and feel

A dirty carpet can single-handedly make a room appear cluttered and dull irrespective of the fact that all other things in the same space are clean. Although it might be subtle, your clients and staff will notice a difference when they step on a clean, fluffy carpet instead of a matted-down, filthy one.

Gives your investment protection

Your maintenance budget will be affected if you have to replace your carpet more frequently due to poor cleaning habits. Your carpet was costly. The best method to safeguard the investment you put in your flooring is to keep a regular carpet cleaning plan.

Removes dispositive smells

While smells in your home or office may be very apparent to visitors or clients, you are entirely unaffected. The most practical solution to this problem is to go for regular cleaning of your carpets.

Eliminates stains and spot

Nothing looks more unprofessional or shabby in a space than a large coffee or grease stain. Spills will inevitably occur occasionally if there is a lot of traffic in your home or office. professional carpet cleaning guarantees that your carpets will get back in shape soon.

Keep your home and office appearing clean

When customers enter your establishment, they form their first opinion of it. Do you want people to think of damaged carpets and a strange odor when they think of you? Most likely not. On the other hand, the first impression can be professionalism, refined taste, and the subtly uplifting quality of clean air.

Inspires the room with new life

Having your carpet professionally cleaned will make any area feel brand new, even if you cannot completely rebuild your business or house. Try a professional carpet cleaning or learn to get a bad smell out of the carpet if your home or workplace looks worn out and lifeless. In all honesty, it might be the deciding factor.

Is better for productivity

There are no two ways about the fact that a clean workspace always results in positive energy and high productivity. On the contrary, a place that looks chaotic brings in the same type of negative energy as well.

Effective and Easy Ways to Get Smell Out of Carpet

Getting Rid of General Odors

Remove any dried-on spills, blot up moisture, and dab soap on any apparent stains before treating your carpet. Before eliminating the odor, you want your carpet to be in the best possible condition.

For each room, you intend to treat, purchase a large box of baking soda so that you may produce a thin covering of it. You can spread it out with your hand if it clumps in certain places.

For improved results, you can also combine baking soda with borax. Simply combine one part Borax with one part baking soda. If you want it to be fragrant, add a few drops of an essential oil. After that, utilize it as you would baking soda.

Let the rug absorb the baking soda. While waiting for several hours is advised, if your carpet smells particularly foul, you might want to wait overnight.

If baking soda by itself is ineffective, you can create your thorough cleaning solution by combining 1 liter of water, 2 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup of baking soda, and 1 teaspoon of liquid soap. In a transparent container, combine the ingredients. Before using it on your entire carpet, test it in a hidden spot.

On the carpet, pour or spray it. Spraying is preferable since it creates an even coat, but keep in mind to keep the nozzle open and stay away from storing unused treatment in a spray bottle that has been closed. Be careful not to soak the carpet when pouring.

Also, make sure you are using gloves while using the solution. Also, do not cover the container with the lid in which you have made the solution. 

Removing Smoke Odors

Add ammonia or white vinegar to 2-3 bowls. Each bowl should have enough space at the top to prevent it from spilling over the sides, in the room with the carpet smelling smoke spread out of the bowls.

Your substance of choice will begin to break down the smoke smell in the room and start the removal process, even if it will not remove the scent from the carpet. Do not combine ammonia and white vinegar because a dangerous gas will be produced.

Although neither substance is applied to a surface, the ammonia or white vinegar will absorb the smell. Remove and discard the substance when you have finished the treatment. Avoid letting kids or animals near your vinegar or ammonia bowls.

Add white vinegar that has been distilled to a steam cleaner. An acidic cleaner that works well is white vinegar. Tar and resin are cleaned of microorganisms and odors. Another option is to use a cleaning product from a store. Some of them target the smell of smoke.

Apart from these, the baking soda procedure mentioned in the previous point can also work to eradicate smoke odors. 

Eliminating Mold Odor

Identify and address the mold odor's causes first. If you can smell mold in your home, it has high humidity. Because the mold spores will continue growing, treating the odor will not be sufficient for freshening and deodorizing the carpet.

Change your behavior instead to reduce humidity. Use a dehumidifier, run a fan when taking a shower, and open a window to let steam from the kitchen or shower escape. To get rid of extra water, use a wet-dry vacuum. A wet-dry vacuum can help prevent mold formation on the wet carpet by eliminating the moisture that encourages it.

The baking soda and vinegar procedure may also work to remove mold odor from your precious rug. However, you must ensure to prevent this from happening once again as a repetition may permanently damage the rug. 

Getting Rid of Pet Smells

Firstly, you must soak out the retaining moisture, if any, successfully. The pee stain should be removed using a paper towel. If the stain is dry, moisten it with fresh water and blot it with a paper towel. Any leftover stain should be removed with hydrogen peroxide or vinegar, and any extra moisture should be absorbed using a dry cloth. 

For cleaning up recent pet urine spills, green dish detergent is also advised. On a moist paper towel, spread a small amount of green dish soap. To remove the urine, wipe the area with a soapy towel.

getting rid of pet smells

You can also apply some baking soda to the area. Pour a layer of baking soda on top of the damp carpet. Even though the baking soda could become wet, it's acceptable. It will take several hours for the soap and baking soda to operate. Cover a little area you are working on with paper towels while it dries. 

On the dried pee area, spritz some white vinegar. However, keep the baking soda as it is. As the baking soda and vinegar interact, it's normal for the area to foam. The two compounds' interaction helps get rid of the scent. That is how to get the pee smell out of the carpet.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Trying to Get Smell Out of Carpet

Most of the time, regular vacuuming keeps fitted carpets looking fine. They need to be cleaned periodically. Avoid these typical carpet-cleaning errors if you're doing the cleaning yourself.

Drenching the carpet excessively

When a carpet is oversaturated, the layering underneath becomes moist. It might always dry, causing rot and mold. Having the top fibers incredibly moist can also be harmful, especially if they are natural fibers like wool. The result could be discoloration.

What to do instead

For carpet cleaning, use a sponge or well-wrung-out towel. It's overly wet if water is dripping from your cloth or sponge. Blot the area with a dry cloth or paper towel if you unintentionally get the carpet too wet.

Rubbing over blotting

Scrubbing carpet fibers can harm them, mainly if you use brushes with firm bristles. Additionally, scrubbing can force dirt deeper into the fibers. This will make cleaning the carpet even more challenging.

What to do instead

Fitted carpet stains should be removed using a cloth or sponge. Any light rubbing is acceptable. Don’t over-scrub just because the stain marks are still lightly visible. Bring in the experts. Additionally, avoid using a colorful cloth as it may transfer color even if you are looking for ways to clean the throw-up out of the carpet.

Using an ineffective carpet cleaner

Please note that a harsh cleaning liquid may end up damaging your carpet permanently. Some carpet cleaners, for instance, are only appropriate for synthetic carpets, while others are made of natural fibers.

What to do instead

Make sure you are aware of the sort of carpet you have and that you are using the appropriate cleaning agent for its fibers. If in doubt, look for a mild, all-purpose carpet cleaner, but do your homework beforehand.

Disregarding a spot test

A spot test is crucial, especially if cleaning a fresh carpet or utilizing a novel cleaning agent. It's preferable to destroy a small area of carpet rather than the whole thing. Bleaching and fiber loss can result from the incorrect solution.

What to do instead

Following the manufacturer's recommendations, test the cleaner. Try it behind a door or on a hidden carpet area under a sofa. Before cleaning the entire carpet, wait a few hours to check for damage or discoloration.

Using too much carpet freshener

Avoid using carpet deodorizers excessively. Overuse might result in accumulation over time, making your carpets sticky and unappealing. Both powder and spray carpet deodorizers are available but use them cautiously.

What to do instead

Deodorizers shouldn't be necessary for thoroughly cleaned carpets. It can need an odor neutralizer for odors like pet urine, but these should also be applied sparingly. Use a non-toxic neutralizer, please.

Utilizing subpar carpet-cleaning tools

Hiring carpet-cleaning equipment is only sometimes a good idea, especially if you don't know what you're hiring. Using subpar or defective carpet cleaning tools might result in patchiness, poor results, and fiber damage.

What to do instead

Ideally, leave the use of carpet cleaning equipment to experts. If you choose to use one, work with a respected business with a solid reputation—request instructions on using the equipment.

Not contacting a specialist when necessary

Although we appreciate the desire to cut costs, it's best to use a professional carpet cleaning service if your carpet needs a deep cleaning. Years of neglecting to clean your carpets will eventually destroy them due to embedded filth and flattened fibers.

What to do instead

If you have pets or kids, fitted carpets should be deep cleaned once a year. Find a reputable carpet cleaner nearby to avoid paying inflated travel costs.

Prevention and Maintenance of Rugs

Rotating on occasion

Your carpets frequently suffer overexposure and excessive wear and tear. Simple actions can be taken to reduce the same. Avoid subjecting your carpet to extended stress because this can affect the carpet's durability.

The pile of your rug in the living room may become depressed if it supports the weight of the furniture. The natural colors and dyes used in the carpet can also fade if a portion is exposed to the sun for an extended period. The rug will remain in pristine condition if rotated consistently every six months or such.

Routine vacuuming

Carpet maintenance requires regular vacuuming; however, the frequency depends on the carpet's location. Most of the time, vacuuming once a week should be sufficient. However, vacuuming more frequently should take care of the carpet if it is in a busy area of the house or a location where children and pets often congregate.

The allergens, dust, pollen, and other particles that could become lodged in the rug's fibers are eliminated by routine vacuuming. A revolving vacuum cleaner should be avoided since it might harm natural fibers like wool and silk.

Removing stains and spills

If there is a spill, we advise blotting the area as soon as possible using an absorbent material to prevent the liquid from seeping deep into the carpet. Gently blot the stain to prevent it from spreading across the carpet.

It can be detrimental to rub it vigorously because it will embed it deeply in the yarn. To avoid harming the carpet's fibers, break any hard clumps of dirt or other substance into small pieces before attempting to remove them from the surface.

Use a suggested solvent solution, covering the underside with dry cloths to absorb any moisture.

Obtain professional assistance

While the methods mentioned above are for DIY maintenance and deodorizing, hiring a professional carpet cleaner at least once per year is advised. You may preserve the condition of your carpet by doing this. To track any changes in the carpet's condition over time, keeping a visual record of the carpet is also crucial.

Put a rubber underlay down.

A carpet lacks anti-slip qualities under its natural characteristics. However, there is also a remedy for that. To stop slippage, one might insert anti-slip rubber underlays beneath the carpet, readily accessible on the market. In addition, this rubber mat aids in retaining the carpet's shape by preventing it from curling. A snug underlay shields the underside of the carpet and the floor from wear and tear.

Routine upkeep and storage

A rug needs to be frequently checked for symptoms of deterioration, just like any other family artifact. Use a scissor to remove any extra strands or sprouts. Avoid using chemicals like chlorine on the fringe, and keep it tidy and untangled. If you aren't using your rug, thoroughly clean it and store it away.

To safeguard the fibers, roll them carefully and firmly with the pile side inside. To ensure that the rug receives some air supply, our experts advise against using a plastic cover and instead wrapping it with muslin or a polyurethane sheet. Keep it out of the sun in a cool, dry area. Make sure to inspect it for pest infestations every few months.


How to get pet urine odor from carpet?

The best way to remove pet urine odor from the carpet is to clean the area with a deodorizing neutralizer.

How do you get smells out of a car carpet?

It is best to consult professional cleaners or use home remedies such as vinegar, baking soda, and more.

How often should I clean my carpet to prevent odor?

It is best to get your carpet cleaned at least once or twice a year to keep it stain and odor-free.

Can I use baking soda to get rid of carpet odors?

Yes, it is possible to eliminate carpet odors using baking soda. 

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