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How to clean a white rug to keep it shining for a long time

Rugs and carpets are ideal for giving your home a little additional character. However, if you have pets, they also frequently gather a lot of unwelcome dirt, dust, stains, and animal hair. Experts also suggest that rugs are home to a wide variety of microorganisms, including mold, germs, pathogens, pollen particles, and others.

It is for this reason that regular rug cleaning is unavoidably required. You should bear in mind certain methods if you want to keep your rugs looking clean and fresh. Continue reading to learn how to clean a white rug so that they appear gorgeous and brand new.

Cleaning a white rug

Spilling something on your lovely white rug is the worst stressor there is. White rugs can sometimes be more challenging to remove stains from than colored rugs, but it is still feasible to make your rug seem brand new. Everything you need to know about how to clean a white rug is covered in the sections below.

Shake and vacuum the rug

Without causing the same harm as vacuuming, taking up your rug and shaking it can remove dirt. Every other day, shake out rugs that are placed in high-traffic locations. Rugs located in light traffic spaces should be shaken out once a week.

Vacuuming your rug regularly will keep it looking perfect. A white rug can quickly accumulate dust and filth, and walking barefoot on grit can wear down a wool rug. Vacuum your rug frequently on a low suction level while keeping the brush roller off to reduce dirt accumulation and damage. Determine how much traffic your rug receives and maintain a program for vacuuming:

  •   Flip your rug over and vacuum the underside before you vacuum the top side. Then turn it back over and vacuum once more. This will aid in removing grime and dirt that has embedded itself deeply within the fibers.
  •   Vacuum once per week in areas with little traffic.
  •   Vacuum twice weekly in areas with medium traffic.
  •   Vacuum your rug every day in places with a lot of traffic.

Neutralize Odors

Rugs can smell over time. Sprinkle baking soda on your rug to help eliminate odors. After letting it sit for a day, vacuum up the baking soda. Spraying a can of Febreze on your rug is a fantastic additional method for odor removal. Make careful to provide enough time for it to dry.

Stains removal

Blotting stains immediately

Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible to give the carpet's fibers less time to absorb them. Any semi-solid spills should be scooped, and liquids should be blotted up right away with a white cloth or a plain, white paper towel. Use just solid colors; anything with prints could cause your white carpets to bleed.

Clean with water

If a spill doesn't have a chance to set in, it can often be cleaned up with just water. So, how to keep a white rug clean in this case? Simply, use a moist sponge to rub areas. When cleaning wool rugs, it's especially crucial to start with water because wool naturally prevents liquids from absorbing, and aggressive detergents can damage the fibers.

Club soda and vinegar

Mix equal portions of white vinegar and club soda to rub on stains from beverages like coffee, juice, or, red wine. A clean rag should be dipped into the solution, blotted, and then rubbed on the stain gradually until the spill is gone. After that, sponge some water over the area to get rid of the vinegar and soda. Hydrogen peroxide can be used in place of vinegar and club soda.

Rub with alcohol

Cooking grease or milk spills can be cleaned up with rubbing alcohol. Additionally, it is magical on ink spills. Apply a little alcohol at a time using a white, clean rag. Apply alcohol to the rug stain by blotting and gently rubbing. To flush the alcohol out and further remove the stain, mix 1 teaspoon (4.9 mL) dry dish detergent with 1 US pint (0.47 L) of water.

Use a store-bought stain remover

When dealing with difficult stains like animal feces, a store-bought stain remover may contain harsher chemicals in it that may be rough on your rug's fibers, but it may be worth it. Be sure to soak up as much of the spilled liquid as you can before using a foam or spray-on stain remover.

Deep cleaning

Although hiring a professional can be beneficial, you can save a lot of money by performing the deep cleaning yourself. Read the rug's labeling carefully before beginning this project. Knowing the rug's composition is crucial because different rugs require different cleaning techniques. For instance, washing a rug in the washing machine is not advised.

Steam cleaning

Are you wondering how to clean a white rug with months of stain? The simplest approach to cleaning your rugs is to steam clean them with a steam cleaner. If you happen to own a steam cleaner, just adhere to the instructions that came with it. Do not steam-clean rugs made of genuine wool. Natural fabrics include tiny pockets that can catch water, which can cause mildew to form on your rug.

  •   Depending on how much traffic the rug gets, you should use a carpet steam cleaner every six months to a year to thoroughly clean your white rug. If you have a steamer at home, you can clean the carpet yourself or hire a professional cleaner to handle it.
  •   Every six months, a family of four with white carpeting in a heavily used area should perform a deep clean.
  •   One cleaning per year is sufficient for a rug in a less-used location.

Cleaning with detergent

Rugs are always on the floor therefore stains and grime are unavoidable. To restore the whiteness of your carpet, follow these instructions:

  •   Mix water and a tiny bit of mild detergent to thoroughly clean the entire rug.
  •   Scrub the carpeting with a clean sponge dipped in the water and detergent combination. Starting in the corner, cover the entire rug in a grid-like pattern.
  •   Regularly clean your sponge.
  •   After thoroughly cleaning the rug, rewash it with fresh water. Make sure all of the detergents are gone because, as the carpeting dries, it can attract dirt.

Before putting your rug back where it belongs, give it time to fully dry. It is recommended to hang or otherwise elevate your white area rug so that air can flow and ensure proper drying. We advise having your white area rug professionally cleaned for those troublesome stains.

Hand cleaning

If you have natural rugs, such as hand-made wool rugs, you must learn how to clean a white rug by hand. You should employ a procedure identical to the one you used to get rid of the stains to accomplish this.

To begin, combine a small amount of detergent with some water. After that, wring out your sponge after dipping it in the water. Scrub your rug gently. After that, submerge a clean sponge in a water basin. Rinse the detergent from the rug by wringing it out and blotting the area you treated with the water-detergent mixture. As you deep clean your rug, work in two-foot pieces. When finished, hang the rug to dry.

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Identify what material your rug is made of and its cleaning process

To effectively clean your rug, you must educate yourself about it first. While some carpets may be thrown in the washing machine, others require manual deep cleaning. Only certain chemicals should be used on natural textiles to prevent color bleed. They can get harmed if you use baking soda or aggressive cleaning agents on other fibers.

When you find out what material your rug is made of, it's crucial to take note of how absorbent it is. More absorbent rugs will take longer to dry and, if you use more water than is necessary, they are more likely to develop mildew.

Sheepskin rugs

A non-alkaline, pH-balanced cleanser, such as baby shampoo or sheepskin wash, can revive a sheepskin rug. Warm water and 1/4 cup (59 mL) of mild cleaner should be added to the bathtub. Roll the sheepskin up to press out the water after 5 minutes of gentle agitation in the water. Lay it out to dry for the day after putting it through your washing machine's spin cycle to further remove the excess water.

  •   Place the sheepskin outside to dry out of the sun.
  •   After the wool has dried, comb it out with a metal brush.

Sprinkle unscented talcum powder or baking soda on your rug to get rid of odors and refresh fur and sheepskin carpets without using water. Shake and brush out the powder after a few hours, then reapply as necessary.

Woven rugs

Throw your rug in the washing machine if it is small enough and the care instructions do not forbid it. Put the rug in a pillowcase or mesh bag, set the washing machine cycle to gentle first, then tumble dry on low. A rug with a rubber backing shouldn't be washed in the washing machine. The rubber could clog your washing machine if it starts to deteriorate and flake off. The same technique applies if you cleaning wool rugs.

Shag rugs

Using a vacuum cleaner on a genuine, high-pile shag carpet might be dangerous. The rug's strands could become frayed if they become tangled in the vacuum. Set your vacuum to the high-pile setting or shake dust off during a shag rug washing. That is exactly how to clean a white shag rug.

Silk rugs

Silk rug cleaning is a pretty technical affair because they are plush and may lose their elegance if not taken care of properly. Try vacuuming regularly, and clean up stains immediately.

Tips to keep a white rug clean

The rugs should be vacuumed frequently

The easiest method for keeping the carpets and rugs clean is this one. The carpets can be kept free of dust, filth, and debris by vacuuming them once a week. It becomes challenging to remove the debris if it sinks deep into the carpet.

Keep your footwear away from your area rugs

Use doormats consistently once your rugs and carpets are down. Avoid wearing shoes indoors at all costs, especially on carpeted surfaces because they can eventually rip the rug's fabric.

Utilize home remedies to remove stubborn stains

The following DIY techniques are well-liked for eliminating the hardest stains:

  •   It becomes more difficult to remove a stain or coffee spill the longer you allow it to remain on the fabric of your floorcloth. Additionally, always blot the stain rather than scrape it.
  •   Professional cleaners advise using shaving cream to get rid of stains.
  •   The greatest way to ease your concerns is to choose washable rugs. Machine-washable rugs may be cleaned frequently, ensuring that your rug is constantly spotless.
  •   Warm water and white wine vinegar should be combined equally. Use this mixture to remove stubborn stains like red wine, mud, and coffee.

Defend against pets

Pets are drawn to the rug's silky and smooth fiber. The fabric is chewed by cats and dogs, who also leave bite marks. By purchasing rugs and carpets made especially for people with pets, you can reduce the damage done to the floorcloth's material.


How do you clean a white rug carpet?

The best way to keep a white rug clean and shining is by vacuuming and dusting it regularly. Other than that, you can check out simple stain and odor removal techniques. However, if the need for deep cleaning arises, it is best to hire professionals.

How do I get my white carpet white again?

Stain removal is the best way to ensure your white carpet returns in form. For that, you can use simple things such as ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, alcohol, and more. Check out the steps before using any solution.

How do you clean a big white fluffy rug?

The best way to keep your white rug clean and fluffy is by steam cleaning it at least twice a year, or as required. The steam from the cleaner kills bacteria and also eradicates all types of dirt and keeps the rug soft.

How do you refresh a white rug?

Regular cleaning, vacuuming, and periodic deep cleaning are the easiest ways to keep a white rug in its best form.

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