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How to Clean a Silk Rug: Learn Easy Ways

Silk carpets and rugs are quite sensitive and can be difficult to wipe up spills and stains on. These home décor accents almost certainly require more time and preparation than most carpets and rugs, which often only require a few minutes to apply and remove a stain. Therefore, it is time to learn how to clean a silk rug using easy procedures. Keep reading till the end to find out everything about it.

You must note that any cleaning technique you use shouldn't harm the rug material, so that's the first criterion. Being comprised of organic components gives it a very high tensile strength, but it also makes it particularly vulnerable to cleaning solutions that could work well on synthetic carpets.

Different ways to clean silk rugs

Carpet cleaning professionals are constantly coming up with new and better techniques for cleaning oriental rugs and carpets. Dry soiling can be prevented from becoming deeply ingrained in the carpet fibers by routine vacuuming. As a result, the fibers will eventually rip and fray.

If the rug has fringe, don't vacuum it, since it can pull the fringes out and destroy the texture. Cleaning becomes imperative only when there is a significant buildup of soiling. You will usually understand when your silk rug requires deep cleaning as there will be clear signals, such as color change, yellow spots, dull look, and more.

Before moving on with the details, check out a few basic rules to follow when it comes to cleaning your silk rugs:

Use a soft broom to drain

Your cleaning schedule will vary depending on how dusty your home is and how much foot traffic your silk rug receives. But you may get rid of the majority of surface dust by brushing your silk rug with a soft broom every few days.

Hang the rug and beat it

Sometimes a simple sweep is insufficient. However, you can beat the rug softly with a brush by hanging it over a clothesline. This will release any contained dust. When doing this, put on a temporary mask to prevent breathing in the dust.

Vacuum on alternative days

Even with a silk rug, vacuuming is still the best method for getting rid of household dust and debris from carpets. However, avoid using any powerful brush attachments, such as those you might use to clean a sizable polyester carpeting. 

Eradicate Odors And Moisture

Silk carpets can develop odors just like other rugs do, but there is a simple way to freshen them. An inexpensive and effective natural deodorizer is plain old baking soda. While it won't leave behind a scent, it will remove any unpleasant smells that pets or cigarette smoke may have left behind. 

Stains Removal

Your silk rug may eventually get soiled, despite your best efforts to prevent it. Don't worry, most domestic accidents like food or beverage spills may be cleaned up by blotting the liquid with a soft cloth and removing any extra food with a spoon.

Dry cleaning

Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to clean a silk rug using a ‘dry cleaning procedure:

  •       If you're air dusting, reduce the pressure of the vacuum cleaner
  •       Apply any good-quality fringe pre-treatment to the entire rug. Give it 3 to 5 minutes to absorb the solution.
  •       Rotate the Ultra Clean pads all over the rug.
  •       Liberally apply Dry Side cleaning to the entire carpeting. Give yourself 3 to 5 minutes to linger.
  •       Take clean cotton pads, and start rubbing the entire surface of the rug gently. You can also use a dry-cleaning machine that can easily extract dirt and debris from the fabric.
  •       The entire procedure should be dry, without the use of any moisture. However, make sure to not expose the rug to direct heat and fire to prevent any type of hazards.
  •   Pile grooming is mandatory in the process of cleaning oriental rugs. However, mostly, professionals are the most trustworthy people to achieve the best results.

Wet cleaning

Check out the following steps to learn how to clean a silk rug using a ‘wet cleaning’ procedure:

  •       Use low air pressure when dusting the rug.
  •       Pre-wet the rug with cold, clear water or spray a pre-treatment solution on the entire rug, including the fringes. Use an anti-dye solution to pre-wet the colors if they are cracking. Consider dry washing rather than wet cleaning if colors or dyes are bleeding.
  •       Cover the entire rug, including the fringes, front, and back, with the Silk Rug Shampoo solution.
  •       Shampoo the rug by hand or with a rotary, Cimex, or another tool, working the solution into the front and back.
  •       Run through a flatbed washer or equivalent system or rinse with cold, clean water.
  •       Squeegee, roll, ring out, extract, or centrifuge to get rid of any surplus water that may be present.
  •       Use the pile yarns' primary lay to groom the pile.
  •       If necessary, apply a thin layer of Silky Soft solution and groom it in, following the main direction of the pile.
  •       If colors or dyes have the chance of fading or bleeding while being dried, lay cotton towels or quilts flat in a dry area. put upside-down with the backing of the rug receiving airflow. To speed up drying, use heat, dehumidification, or another technique.
  •       Use a silk carding brush to groom once more after drying. Use Silky Soft as necessary. With the pile's primary and secondary lays, groom in. If yarn slippage is a problem, use a silk hand wash brush or another suitable grooming tool.

Removing dust from silk rugs

Here are three assured ways how to clean a silk rug and keep it dust free:

  •       Sweep a broom over silk rugs- To protect the rug's fibers, gently sweep it.
  •       Shaking the rug- Shake off any dirt and particles by dragging the carpeting outside. In addition, this will allow the rug to air out and absorb any scents.
  •       Regularly vacuum silk rugs- Silk rugs should be vacuumed with a brushless suction head. Beater or roller brushes have the potential to remove fibers, diminish piles, and harm rugs.

Stains removal from silk rugs

Wet stains should be wiped up, as this can create a color run, damage the fibers, and the stain may keep spreading. Dry stains should be cleaned without the use of any liquid. Note that you must only use lukewarm water as water, when very hot can shrink fabric and damage fibers.

Since cleaning with chemicals on silk rugs is quite harmful, adopting natural or eco-friendly products would be the best course of action. The best course of action would still be to get in touch with a reputable cleaning service.

Since they will have had all the essential training and possess a thorough understanding of these delicate materials, professional carpet and rug specialists will eliminate any guesswork. Cleaning your silk carpets involves more than just producing a spotless surface. It is all about extending the life of your rug and making sure that your carpets and rugs last as long as possible.

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Clear up any solid spills

Instantly removes stains before they become embedded and bond to the silk threads. Use a spoon to gently scoop out any solid waste from the rug, being careful not to damage its fibers. Silk fibers can be torn by any kind of scraping motion.

Club soda mix

Firstly, apply a clean, white cloth gently to the affected regions to absorb as much liquid as you can. To remove the color from the stains, use club soda. Blot the spot after adding club soda to a clean cloth. Any extra club soda can be absorbed with a dry cloth. Let the area dry naturally. A silk rug may become damaged by heat, so avoid using a hair dryer or other sources of heat to dry the region.

Water and vinegar solution

Apply a solution of white vinegar and water in equivalence to remove stains. On a clean towel, dab the stain with the vinegar and water mixture.

After wiping away any extra solution with a dry cloth, let the area air dry. To dry the area, avoid using heat. Avoid using professional cleaning products since they might permanently tarnish a silk rug.

Removing odor from silk rugs

Odors can occasionally go unnoticed by residents of the home, but they may become apparent when you have visitors around. Pet-owning households are particularly vulnerable to offensive odors. Here is a method to assist get rid of unpleasant smells from rugs.

Baking soda trick

To get rid of odors from silk rugs, use baking soda. A range of surfaces, including fabrics, can be deodorized with baking soda. Here are the steps to follow:

  •       First, apply baking soda to the problematic area (which is typically where the pet enjoys spending a lot of time)
  •       Give the baking soda an hour or so to soak
  •   Use a vacuum's brushless suction head to clean the rug

Water and vinegar solution

If your silk carpets have scents, use a vinegar and water solution to get rid of them. Vinegar's mild acidity makes it useful for killing bacteria and eliminating smells. Here is how to do it:

  •       In a spray bottle, combine vinegar and water in equal parts. This makes using the solution simpler
  •       Use the vinegar and water mixture to sparingly spritz the area that needs to be treated
  •       After using a clean, dry towel to gently wipe the area, let it air dry

The smell of vinegar may linger in the home after using this procedure, but it should dissipate and become undetectable after a few hours of ventilation.

If the area isn't properly dried after cleaning, mold or mildew may start to grow. Therefore, drying is just as crucial as cleaning. Rugs made of silk are also susceptible to fading.

It happens when excess moisture rises to the fiber tips and evaporates, leaving a dark brown residue consisting of lignin and other elements that were dissolved in the water. Dye bleeding is another possibility if the drying process isn't finished.

Professionally cleaning silk rugs

Choose a trustworthy, experienced rug cleaning company to clean silk carpets. Inquire as to how the silk rug will be cleaned since silk cannot be exposed to heat or chemicals. Silk carpets should be washed with a detergent designed specifically for silk fibers on both the front and back surfaces. The majority of rug cleaners will perform a thorough dusting, then pre-treat for removing stains and hand wash the silk rugs.

Tips for proper maintenance of silk rugs

Don’t let your pets walk on the silk rug

When it comes to keeping silk carpets at their best, prevention is preferable to cure. Create a pet-free zone around your silk rug because they are quickly ruined. Pet urine's acidity can harm natural textiles like silk.

Remove eating on the silk rug

If at all possible, keep young children off the silk rug when they are playing. Your children may become lured to sit and eat snacks on your oriental rug if they grow accustomed to unwinding there. Additionally, stay away from putting it in the dining room because there will unavoidably be food and alcohol on it.

Limit foot traffic to prevent excess wear and tear

You might wish to take your shoes off before entering a room with silk rugs because the majority of carpet and rug dirt is tracked in from under your shoes. That’s why, Persian rugs are not recommended for high-traffic locations because they will quickly become damaged from regular use. Put them in a spot that won't get much foot traffic.

Avoid directing the sun on your oriental rug

Position your silk rug in your home away from the direct rays of the sun. For instance, sunlight passing through a glass sliding door will cause the colors to deteriorate. The result won't happen right away, but your silk rug's hues will eventually become dull.


What is the best way to clean silk carpets?

There are several ways to clean beautiful silk carpets, but trusting professionals to do it is undoubtedly the best way of all. However, if you want to do it at home, constant vacuuming every alternative day, and immediate stain removal using soda, vinegar, carpet cleaner, and other mild detergents may work well.

Are silk rugs hard to clean?

No, silk rugs are not very hard to clean, but they end up losing their sheen and charm if you clean them in the wrong way. That’s why trusting experts can help as they are well-equipped with proper tools and cleaners to ensure that your rug will look like they are new every time you get them cleaned.

Can a silk carpet be washed?

Yes, it is possible to wash silk carpets, but there are a few things to keep in mind. Firstly, hot water is a strict no-no to ensure that the strength of the fiber does not get damaged. Instead, you can soak the rug in normal or lukewarm water. Secondly, make sure to not expose the rug to gushing water flow. Excessive water pressure may ruin the texture of the silk rug.

Can silk rugs get wet?

It is not the best idea to get silk rugs wet as there are high chances of the development of yellow spots and damage to the texture and fiber.

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