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UP To 30% Off on Entire Store! USE Code "FEB20" At Checkout.

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Wholesale Area Rugs: Premium Rugs At Best Prices

As an interior designer, architect, or contractor you need a premium rug brand to buy exquisite wholesale area rugs. Our exuberant rug collection gives you diverse options across construction, design, and material.

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First, you need to create an account on The Rug Decor website and filter the features according to preferences across price, color, design, style, material, and more. Once done, you get your eyes set on the perfect rug sizes and designs that meet your acquisition requirements.

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Benefits for Wholesale buyers

Buying more than one premium carpet guarantees a steady and dependable supply, which is crucial for companies that serve the interior design sector.

  1. Direct purchases from wholesalers offer customers access to cheaper unit costs, making it a cost-effective option.
  2. Purchasing wholesale carpets results in huge financial savings
  3. There are several options available to wholesale rug buyers.
  4. They are able to satisfy the demands of a wide variety of customers by selecting from a wide variety of patterns, colors, and sizes. 
  5. Wholesalers frequently provide individualized customer attention and flexible ordering alternatives.
Extensive selection of wholesale area rugs

The Rug Decor has an excellent collection of premium and exclusive area rugs of different types, shapes, sizes, designs, and more. Retail shopping will allow you to pick and choose from several stunning pieces, but that is not the same with wholesale shopping. 

Buying wholesale carpets from our website lets you have access to special designer discounts. All you need to have is a personal account on The Rug Decor website and you can avail such exciting offers.

Competitive wholesale pricing

When weighing options against other brands online, The Rug Decor’s retail wholesale discounts are simply unmatchable. We concentrate on providing premium quality with slashed prices when purchased in large quantities. Starting from lower prices for wholesale buyers to offering extra deals on shipping and purchase, the competitive pricing by our brand outshines.

Customizable options

As a designer or architect, clientele requirement is your priority. For example, while refurbishing a property, the client may request unusual rug designs that are not available anywhere else in the market. By having an account on our website, you not only have access to discounts for architects but also rare rug pieces you won’t find elsewhere.

Purchasing wholesale area rugs opens the door to access bulk discounts from the premium brand of The Rug Decor. The exciting prices would make you want to add multiple rugs to the cart to get authentic pieces that amplify your home decor projects.

Wholesale area rugs instantly brew in designing ideas to add warmth and comfort that draw the attention of your customers. The premium rug pieces can transform dull and lifeless spaces into a beautiful habitat. 

Buying in larger quantities will help you save production cost and multiply selling costs. You can also avail bulk discounts and deals on shipping charges when buying multiple premium rugs.


How do wholesale area rugs differ from retail rugs?

A few significant aspects set wholesale area rugs apart from retail rugs. Rugs are bought in quantity at wholesale costs, which lowers the cost per item. They frequently offer a broader assortment of shapes and sizes to meet certain market needs because they are sometimes marketed directly to businesses rather than to individual clients.

Are wholesale area rugs available in various sizes and designs?

Yes, there are many different sizes and styles of wholesale area rugs available. To meet the various needs of their consumers, The Rug Decor often provide a wide choice of solutions to suit various tastes and interior design trends, ranging from little accent rugs to big area rugs and from classic to modern designs.

Can I order custom sized wholesale area rugs?

Yes, you can order custom sized wholesale area rugs. However, you must be aware that the shipping of custom-made rugs will take more time comparatively as the weaving and finishing process requires hours of labor.

How can I become a wholesale buyer of area rugs?

You can start by investigating and locating reliable rug wholesalers if you want to buy area rugs in bulk. Contact them to learn more about their wholesale purchasing procedures and specifications.

What is the average turnaround time for wholesale area rug orders?

The complexity of the order, the level of customization needed, the shipping distance, and the effectiveness of the wholesaler's operations can all affect the average turnaround time for wholesale area rug orders.

Do you offer international shipping for wholesale area rugs?

Yes, international shipping is available on almost all wholesale area rugs. Also, it would be best to check the latest shipping charges for international customers before buying.

Can I receive personalized assistance in selecting wholesale area rugs for my business?

Yes, The Rug Decor team is always available to walk you through the fine collection to make it easier for you. Besides, opening an account on our website means you will get suggestions based on previous surfing and purchase too.

Seamless wholesale ordering process

The best part about ordering wholesale carpets from us is the streamlined shopping experience we offer. Starting from account creation, rug selection to availing discounts, everything is laid out seamlessly.