Southwestern Rugs - History

A Brief History Of Navajo-Style Rugs/ Southwestern Rugs

Images of Native American people, gods, and rituals are woven into Southwest wool rugs, evoking a time travel experience to the ancient Native American past. It imparts an atmosphere of warmth and personality to the environment. This distinctive appearance is a result of Native American weaving in the 18th century, and it gives southwestern rugs their rustic and western charm.

Modern and Vintage Southwestern rugs are historically rich. Originally, they were not even carpets. Instead, they originated as blankets designed to be worn on the shoulders. Ancient southwest cultures wove using cotton yarn that was hand-spun. Later in the 1500s, Spanish immigrants imported wool from the Churro sheep; ever since, the wool has been predominantly utilized to create bright carpets and other popular textiles.

Today, the majority of Southwest carpets are woven in regions where the Spanish and indigenous peoples produced colorful designs. They are also often known as Native American rugs. They are often identified by the name of the tribe whose members manufacture them, such as Zapotec or Navajo. Unique patterns and hues are weaved with religious symbols into these items, demonstrating an extraordinary level of skill and labor.

Upkeep And Care For Navajo Area Rugs

Due to their intricate textures, hues, and patterns, carpets from the Southwestern United States demand more attention and upkeep. Here are some useful ideas for caring about your precious and precious belongings.

  • Use a slip-resistant mat to avoid slipping. A buffer can also help your carpet last longer.
  • Regularly flip the carpet to even out wear and tear, and treat it for insects and beetles.
  • Avoid spilling anything on your Southwestern-style rugs. If this occurs, ensure that it is cleaned immediately; otherwise, the stain may become permanent.
  • Vacuuming is superior to mechanical brushing. If it gets dirty or begins to fray, have a professional clean it.

It is unwise to expose wool carpets from the Southwestern United States to humidity. Ensure that it is kept away from plants to prevent mould or decay. This historical and spiritual work of art will give beauty and charm to any residence.

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