Modern Oushak Rug

Modern Oushak rug or Colorful Oushak Rug or Contemporary Oushak Rug

A Turkish rug from Usak, Turkey, is called an Oushak rug. It has a certain style of design. They often have complicated patterns that look a lot like Persian designs. Most of the modern oushak rugs come in a rainbow of pastel colors.

Antique Oushak Rugs were made in Turkey and have been very popular with collectors and designers for a long time. Modern Oushak rugs have soft color palettes and large-scale graphic designs. This is a nice change from the deep reds and navy blues of their Persian counterparts. Modern Oushak weavers keep using their bold designs, but they also add pops of bright color to make pieces that are both modern and traditional.

The Rug Decor has made Modern Oushak Rug in Hand-tufted weaving technique which is by far the most affordable and authentic Modern Oushak Rug that can be available.



Hand-knotted Colorful Oushak Rugs

Antique Oushak Rug