The Art

 Rug making process by the rug decor


Hand Spinning 

Hand Spinning by The Rug Decor

Step One is the most complicated one i.e. why we could not give it a name as it starts with Procuring the Raw material to be used while determining the design we want to make which goes hand in hand with the quality we want to produce and the colors which is in vision.

All these processes are determined as Step One because everything goes parallel to each other, one without other just delays the process.

Dyeing The Material

“Art without Color would lose much of its purpose.”
-Andrew Loomis
Wool dying by The Rug Decor

Colors are soul of an art and as we have stated earlier creating rugs is an Art and Dyeing the yarns is crucial part of this process. As we need to strike the right balance between the pixels to find the perfect colors for each master piece we create.


Handmade Rug making by The Rug DecorWeaving is the process of tying the yarns by interlacing them to form a rug.

It is the skill which is passed on through generations and it has no shortcuts.

Each rug is woven knot by knot with the same enthusiasm.  

The weavers are given graphs i.e. design maps, yarns, threads and loom (frame used to make a rug) to weave a rug and they create the rug using their hands and small tools skillfully.



Hand Clipping the rug by The Rug DecorOnce the rug is woven we shear the tips it, as it is handmade and has uneven pile. To make the pile of the rug of the desired length we shear the tips with either by clipping machine or by scissors, both the ways requires skilled personnel.



Washing the Rug by The Rug DecorWashing a rug can make it of break it. Each rug has special requirements like antique look, fresh look or washed out look and washing determines it.

For each look the process is modified accordingly.



Stretching the Rug by The Rug DecorBy stretching we literally mean stretching the rug.

The rug is sewed up from all the sides to the frame and then it is stretched out under the sun to make the rug true to its shape and retain it in long time.



The rug is further processed to binding, i.e.  The edges of the rug are wrapped with yarns to seal the sides of it.

Binding is done so that the yarn does not come out of the rug and also to give it a complete clean look.


Fringe Knotting

fringe knotting by The Rug DecorFringes are the small threads at the ends of the rugs.

These are basically the base of rug on which the rug is woven. We knot fringes in the required length to seal the rug and make sure the yarns are secured in the rug.


Final Finishing

Rug and Dog by The Rug Decor

Finally a rug is checked before shipping, any extra cotton is removed, missing knot is fixed and stains are removed.

These small things cannot be ignored as these give the rug final finished look.

And make them ready to be shipped to you, the proud owner of them.


We would like to conclude by saying, Each rug has its own story and has been nurtured with skill, labor,time and affection.

We at The Rug Decor believe that creativity is only Imagination until it meets the right Execution.

And we hope you have enjoyed the insight of the process of rug making.