Why you need a Rug?

Area Rugs are being made for centuries and they have come through a lot of evolution and have become the Moroccan Area Rug, Knotted Rug, Vintage Persian Area Rugs, Hand Tufted Area Rugs and Hand-Woven Area Rugs today. But the biggest question that need to be answered is, why do we need rug?

The Rug Decor | Handmade Area Rug

The First reason why we need rug is the main reason why the rugs were woven in the first place, to bring warmth in colder places. We discussed in our previous blog as how shepherds from the central Asia had abundance of wool and they wanted to protect themselves from the harsh cold weather. So, they invented carpet and used it in multiple ways to create warmth in their room.

This not only made their rooms warm but also improved the Aesthetics of their room which is our second reason why you need a rug.

The third reason why we need a rug is that it speaks about you to your visitors. Everyone who comes to your home wants to get to know about you and the first thing they see is your room and form an impression about you. By buying a rug that clearly speaks your personality, you can create a better first impression and communicate who you are with your visitors.

The fourth reason why you need a rug is because it’s easy to replace. Replacing a flooring takes not only large amount of time but also replacing them is very expensive but replacing a rug is relatively cheap and less time consuming.

Each product of our company The Rug Décor has been made with such care that it fulfills all the needs mentioned above and still manage to give you a little extra.